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I'm looking for a shop to overhaul my brake calipers.  They work fine but the exterior finish is quite faded and discolored.  I would like them brought back to as new condition, inside and out. Thanks!

Brake Fluid Change

I am taking my 2013 997.2 Turbo in for it's 20,000 mile service. They tell me they are going to drain and refill the brake system. Can you explain why? The vehicle has always been serviced by this dealer (Porsche of Ocala) and it was purchased new in 2013. I just find this unusual. As always, thanks for your time.

correct time to change brake pads

Joel, thanks for taking over and answering our questions.

I upgraded the brakes on my 2002 996TT to the 6 piston front GT3 calipers and 350mm discs at all 4 corners. I DE my car and have been using Pagid yellows up front, and Pagid blacks at the rear, as recommended by a well respected expert, to help balance the braking bias of the car.

uneven ceramic pad wear

I have a 2008 GT2 which is tracked a lot. After three track days all four front pads had an uneven wear pattern with about 2mm of wear at the top and 8mm of wear at the bottom from initial thickness of 10mm. I had the brakes bled and carefully bedded in new front pads before two track days at Laguna Seca. When I checked the pads there was about 1mm of wear at the top of the pad and 5mm of wear at the bottom. Is this the nature of the beast? If this is normal can I flip the pads from inside to outside on the caliper so the most wear is now at the top as a way to prolong pad life?

911 Turbo Brakes

Vehicle Information: Year: 2007; Engine (Size, Modifications): none; Total Mileage: 1500;

Is it normal for the brakes of a 997TT equipped PCCB to make a squeaking noise when driving really slow?

paint calipers

Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3; Total Mileage: 47000;

I would like to paint my calipers red the car is venetian blue what would you recomend,I also plan to do this myself can i get this paint at my local auto store?

78 930 brake booster

Vehicle Information: Year: 1978 930 euro version; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3 , k-27, big intercooler, 1 bar spring; Total Mileage: 66900;

My brakes require significant pressure to stop the car. Is there a way to tell if the power booster is working properly? Front pads were recently replaced , pedal seem to have very little play (travel). Someone may have adjusted it too high, is that a problem, should there be some free play? Also it seems the brake lights only come on with significant pedal pressure. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

psm abs failure

Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6; Total Mileage: 16,000;

I resently retuned from a trip and left my radar detector on .After jumping the battery the car started no problem however the PSM and ABS failure light comes on and states return to workshop.The PSM switch does not responed at all.What could cayse this problem.Is there a reset that needs to be set.

changing brake pads

Vehicle Information: Year: 1997; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6 twin turbo; Total Mileage: 30000;

is it easy to change brake pads? i have the big reds on my '97 turbo. i'd like to try but i'm not sure how to do it................please advise.........thank you

Changing Front Rotors & Brake Cooling System?

Vehicle Information: Year: 1984; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3; Total Mileage: 30000+;


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