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Error Code P0410 - Secondary Air Injection System Checks OK

Error code P0410 occurs even after emissions specialists have tested the secondary air injection system and said it is OK.

Replacing coolant hose (997-106-477-72)

I replaced all the coolant hoses on my 997.1 Turbo cab (6-speed), except one.  This hose (P/N 997-106-477-72) is item #32 in the "M97.70 Water Pump Housing Diagram."  I've removed the oil filter housing, the alternator, dropped the engine 3-4 inches.  Removing the hose at the water pump is easy, but at opposite end... I can see it, but can't reach it, let alone be able to remove the old one and connect the new one.  Hard to imagine Porsche engineers made a regular maintenance item so difficult to replace, so I must be missing something.  Any direction would be sincerely appreciated.

White smoke from exhaust at start up.

Every now and then during start up I get white smoke from the exhaust.

 Mechanic said not to worry but I find it unsettling when it happens. 

Anything that can be done or is that the nature of the beast.

Thanks in advance.


Need recommendations for Porsche technician near Mooresville, NC for 997

Loooking for recommendations for an independent or great Porsche mechanic near Moorseville, North Carolina for GTS and 997.1 Turbo.  Thanks

Oil change 10k miles - what should I expect to pay?

Signal just came on for oil change....10k. Any suggestions where to have done? What should I expect to pay?  Thank you. 

930 quits running after 10-15 minutes

Bought my 930 five years ago with 67,000. It has been 100% reliable up until last year. It has original engine that has not been rebuilt. First sign that there was a problem, was while driving there would be an occasional bump on the tach of 1-2k RPM, but not the engine. Never pursued that problem, and it may not be related to my current issue. Last fall while driving and at about 10 minutes in when the car hit running temp, the car simply quit. Would not restart. After complete cooling for about 1-2 hours, it fired right back up.


I JUST PURCHASED A 2008 TURBO TIP CAB WITH 9600 miles , I would like to purchase a extended warranty policy , which companies do you RECCOMMEND . Thank you Elliot 

Engine Misfire Codes

I am having an isolated engine misfire issue with a 2002 911 Turbo with the X50 package. 


Only when the car is started from sitting overnight and allowed to idle until warmed up I will get the following misfire codes: P300, P303, P306. 


If after starting the car I rev the engine to 2 - 3K rpm's three times and each time releasing it immediately and then I let the car continue idling to warm up the check engine light will not come on.  Or if I drive off right away it will be fine as well. 


996tt Engine Trouble

I'm hoping the Porsche seers at PCA can help resolve a problem  that I've had since about a month after I bought my Turbo a year and a half ago that not even some top end Porsche mechanics seem to be able to sort out.


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