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Break-in period for GT2 RS? Special oil?

I'm breaking in my GT2 RS.  Does Porsche put in a special break-in oil?  How many miles are needed for breakin?  Should I change oil before driving on the track?

Break In Mileage

HI Lou,  

You previously provided very detailed information of how to break in the engine (all the do's and dont's).  However, I did not get a response on how many miles need to be on the engine before it can rev beyond 4,200 rpm's, "open it up", etc.


1st & 2nd Oil Changes - 2019 GT2 RS

I reviewed the manual which recommends 1 year or 12k miles, whichever comes first but that seems WAY too long.

Then I have heard from other PCA member to do the first oil change at 1000-2000 miles.


Break In Procedure

What does the factory recommend as the proper break in procedure for the 2019 - 911 GT2 RS?


Error Code P0410 - Secondary Air Injection System Checks OK

Error code P0410 occurs even after emissions specialists have tested the secondary air injection system and said it is OK.

Replacing coolant hose (997-106-477-72)

I replaced all the coolant hoses on my 997.1 Turbo cab (6-speed), except one.  This hose (P/N 997-106-477-72) is item #32 in the "M97.70 Water Pump Housing Diagram."  I've removed the oil filter housing, the alternator, dropped the engine 3-4 inches.  Removing the hose at the water pump is easy, but at opposite end... I can see it, but can't reach it, let alone be able to remove the old one and connect the new one.  Hard to imagine Porsche engineers made a regular maintenance item so difficult to replace, so I must be missing something.  Any direction would be sincerely appreciated.

White smoke from exhaust at start up.

Every now and then during start up I get white smoke from the exhaust.

 Mechanic said not to worry but I find it unsettling when it happens. 

Anything that can be done or is that the nature of the beast.

Thanks in advance.


Need recommendations for Porsche technician near Mooresville, NC for 997

Loooking for recommendations for an independent or great Porsche mechanic near Moorseville, North Carolina for GTS and 997.1 Turbo.  Thanks


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