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1977 euro 930

Vehicle Information: Year: 1977; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.0 turbo; Total Mileage: 89000;

I have a 77 euro 3.0 turbo.I am torn between moving up to a 3.3 intercooler or building up my 3.0.Can the 3.0 be modified to get the same power that a 3.3 can?Should I upgrade my brakes and engine or buy a newer turbo?The car I have is a blast but I want more power and need better brakes. If I keep this car were should I start?

996 Twin Turbo Exhaust

Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (Size, Modifications): 2.6 turbo; Total Mileage: 6,000;

What are my options to improve exhaust note and engine power. When in track events with the helmetit's hard to determine rpm.

Projected Engine Work on 1977 930

Vehicle Information: Year: 1977; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.0; Total Mileage: 100000;

I am about to buy a '77 Turbo from a friend who is liquidating his assets. The car is a 2-owner car with about 100,000 miles. It appears to be in excellent condition. Generally speaking, how much more life can I expect from the engine, and what type of service will be needed to get that life? What is a good estimate on the cost to completely rebuild the engine (and turbo, if necessary)?

Recommended Initial K27 Turbo Upgrades

Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (Size, Modifications): Stock; Total Mileage: 93000;

I own a totally stock 1986 930. If I upgraded to a K27 Turbo, is it essential to also go with an upgrade on the intercooler in order to realize the potential of the K27 ?

Fire coming out of my new B&B muffler

Vehicle Information: Year: 1985; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3 L; Total Mileage: 60650;

I have a 1985 slant nose 930S euro spec. with 60650 miles.No engine modification or what so ever.Recently, I replaced the original muffler with the B&B stainless header and exshaust systems.After the installation, people told me that I got fire coming out of my muffler when I accelerate.I am wondering is this good or bad and why and what has caused it?

Noise after ignition is turned off.

Vehicle Information: Year: 1976; Engine (Size, Modifications): Stock 3.0 Reactors removed; Total Mileage: 18500;

In reading the September issue of Panorama I was able to correct the throttle noise I've had for who knows how long . Thank you very much. My only other problem is when I turn off the engine I here a noise that sounds like a muffled flame in the intake area .Do you have any ideas as to what it could be ? There was a trace amount of oil in the intake outlets in the bypass valve assembly. Thanks for any help. I've had the car twenty three years.

Lack of use problems

Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3; Total Mileage: 36,000;

This question would probably apply to most any vehicle that is not an every day driver. I recently purchased my low mileage 930 and it spends most of the time sitting in the garage with two other cars that are not driven much. I have been told that it is not good for a car to just sit for long periods of time and not be driven. How often, and how far should a collector car be driven to keep everything running properly?

Valve Adjustment

Vehicle Information: Year: 1981; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3L Stock; Total Mileage: 94,000 Kms (56,400 miles);

I drive my 930 about 5,000 kms (3,000 miles) per year, and do 8 to 10 Driver Education track days per year. I am interested to know how often you would recommend valve train adjustment, given this usage profile. On track, I use 5,500 as a typical shift point. My concern is primarily that the car be maintained properly given the track usage, with a secondary interest in extracting the best performance from the engine.

Pop Off Valve

Vehicle Information: Year: 1977 ; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.0 turbo euro model; Total Mileage: 89000;

What does the pop off valve do?I have a loud "CLICK" from the pop off valve when I come off idle and again coming back down.Also when I am around 2000 rpm it clicks.I have also lost some boost.Any ideas?Any help would be great.

Cold start problem

Vehicle Information: Year: 1983; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3; Total Mileage: 28,000;

My 1983 turbo recently started having start problems when cold with low overnight temperatures(40's). It barery want's to stay on, and I hear a destinct whining noise coming from the engine compartment for the first few minutes. After a few minutes of warmup, the RPM stabilizes near 1000 and subsequent starts are fine as long as the car doesn't sit out in the cold. Any ideas?


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