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Power Loss, poor starting

Model: 996TT, Year:2003, Mileage:28,500, Type of use:Street use only
I have K&N filter, billet blow offs, B&B exhaust and Unichip installed on 2003 996TT. The car has amazing power - until last week. From idle to approx 3,000 RPM everything seems normal but from then on, the engine chokes on itself - no power.I looked for vacuum leaks but found none. The car had difficulty starting and the CEL came on. I cut power to ECU, re-established by turning ignition on for 60 seconds and now the car doesn't start at all.Any ideas?

exhaust popping at high revs 1987 930

Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Engine (Size, Modifications): none; Total Mileage: 56,000;

2001 Turbo purchase

Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6 TT; Total Mileage: 64000;

Just in general, what are the problems with the 2001 Turbo engines? I am considering buying one with 64K miles.

2003 996tt hi altitude performance

Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6 liter, X50 option; Total Mileage: 25,000;

I am taking my 03 996TT X50 to porsche parade at the end of june. The elevation in Keystone is at 9300 ft. what if any effects can I expect from my cars performance in the autocross event at this altitude if any?

pop off valve

Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (Size, Modifications): none; Total Mileage: 21,000;

Can you tell me if the car had as standard equipment a pop-off valve and:1. If it did when does it need to be replaced - what are symptons?2. If it didn't come with one what do you recommend I do to install one - I hear from Ellis porsche that Porsche doesn't make a good one and that an aftermarket is best.Please tell me as much as you can about this valve. Thank you.

2007 997tt Idle creep when warm

Vehicle Information: Year: 2007; Engine (Size, Modifications): 997TT; Total Mileage: 20100;

Twice now over the past 3-4 months, when I've stopped at a light, the idle will creep from 850 rpm or so to 1200-1800 over 5 seconds or so. It will pop back down to 850 for a second (sometimes by itself, sometimes after I blip the throttle a little), then creep up again. The first time it happened I parked the car and when I went out the next day it was fine. Today it happened again. The car was warm both times. Weird - any ideas?Thanks.

2010 Turbo engine

Vehicle Information: Year: 2009; Engine (Size, Modifications): oem; Total Mileage: 1700;

Is there any truth that the new generation Turbo engine (2010) will be based on the Carrera 3.8L and not on the race 3.6L?

993TT k16/16g hybred turbo conv.(Vividracing)

Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Engine (Size, Modifications): dual 16 row MoCal sec.oil coolers/97'ECU (softronic); Total Mileage: 47,150;

What have you herd about the K16/16g and K24/18g turbo conversions?How good?Realiable?etc. Thanks

930 oil leak

Vehicle Information: Year: 1989; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3 turbo; Total Mileage: 56000;

Exhaust Fire

Vehicle Information: Year: 1989; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3L, permatune ignition, K27 turbo, Mille Miglia muffler and headers; Total Mileage: 54000 mile;


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