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2002 996 tt smokeing

Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6 none; Total Mileage: 24200;

I just bought this car from a dealer Lotus & Volvo w/ 23400 miles on it . Now I am getting a lot of smoke on startup warm or cold. Not every startup. Huge clouds of whitesh-bluesh smoke.

Engine idle

Vehicle Information: Year: 1985; Engine (Size, Modifications): Stock european.; Total Mileage: 94000;

Hello my 930 has developed an annoying problem, after warm up and a few road miles it starts popping through the exhaust and won't idle. It starts right up after stall and runs great at speed. Temperature normal oil pressure good??Has taken the fun out of driving and hard on the hand brake.Thanks

1988 911 turbo

Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (Size, Modifications): 930; Total Mileage: 88,000;

I had a local guy change my oil. He didn't know that it had 2 drain plus. He overfilled the oil and now I am leaking in three different spots. I took it to a porsche dealer and he said that the egine oil psi is at 28 and it should be on 60psi. They said it is something inside the engine and it will cost 15-20 thousand to fix but they don't know what it is. Any suggestions? Do you known of anyone in the New York area that works on porsche besides the dealer?

1977 911s with Turbo

Vehicle Information: Year: 1977; Engine (Size, Modifications): 2.7 turbo mods; Total Mileage: 166500;

Motor oil

Vehicle Information: Year: 1984; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.2 504 hp; Total Mileage: 15,380;

I have a 935 DP-Kremer and would like to know what motor oil to use here in Florida. Kremer built 504 hp large turbo. Thanks, Jeff

Mahle oil filter application

Vehicle Information: Year: 1976; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.0 - stock; Total Mileage: 50,000;

I found in my storage cabinet 4 Mahle OC54 oil filters - believe they are for my '76 930 but can't confirm - have tried several parts houses w/o success - can you give me a clue? Happy New Year - Thanks -

1989 911 turbo, 5 speed ,experienced mechanic

Vehicle Information: Year: 1989; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3L; Total Mileage: 29896;

Do you know of a mechanic in the Dallas/Ft Worth area that is very experienced with servicing a 1989 911 turbo ?

Check Engine Light

Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6L, Twin Turbo; Total Mileage: 54000;

I keep getting a "Check Engine Light" come on. Today, it was cold(for California) and I began idling a bit to warm up the engine and the light came on after 15 seconds. I have had the problem before and have had misfires on different cylinders per the computer check. I have previously had coils replaced on the #4 and #6 cylinders to "fix the problem". Do you have any suggestions??

After warm engine cuts in and out/Surges till only idles

Vehicle Information: Year: 1979; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3; Total Mileage: 94,000;

Fresh Re-Build, starts right up,engine cuts out at 3200 rpm, or anytime you run rpms up that high, then as you drive the thresh hold becomes lower and lower til it will idle only. Shut the car off for 5-30 minutes and you will get 1/2 -1 mile before it starts again. My mechanic said it was old gas since the car sat for a couple of years, and he neglected to drain all the gas out after overhaul of engine and transmission. Thank You

1987 930 factory repair manuals

Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.3 no mods as yet; Total Mileage: 39,500;

Where can I find factory repair manuals. Also what is the best way to raise the car upon jack stands. Thanks Barry


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