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How much (general range) to make 1989 930 CA compliant exhaust & cat?

My "new" 1989 930 has after-market exhaust and I want to make it CA compliant.  How much should it cost?  Where can I get the parts?  Who can do the work?


Looking for a good mechanic for 2001 996 tt

Hi folks- new Porsche owner. Can anyone recommend a great mechanic anywhere close to this area in the mountains . Somewhat limited up here in western Nc Cashiers/Highlands area.  

‘Having the popular ABS/PSM 4266 fault’.   Thanks in advance..






After market Exhaust

Looking for an after market exhaust. Not necessarily looking for an increase in bhp, but just a better sound. I had what I beleive was an Evolution Motorsport exhaust on my old 997 C4S, and I liked it. However, turbo engines are different and looking for a recommendation on a system and perhaps a shop to install, outside of the dealer.

Exhaust tip options for Porsche 997.2 turbo S

I have just replaced my beloved 1994 black Toyota Supra turbo (heavily modified) with a beautiful black 2012 997.2 turbo S. I love the Porsche but I miss the savage exhaust note of the Supra. I am going to have a catback straight through exhaust fabricated and I also want to replace the stock tips with twin round tips on both sides. The branded aftermarket tips for Porsches are very expensive and so I was wondering if anyone had tried dual tips off another car, like a Corvette perhaps? I'm sure these can be had for a much more reasonable price. Thanks.

Need help with Classic level Detailing person in Cincy.


PCA Team

I just moved from Oregon to Cincy area. I had covered transport established for my vehicle move of my 1986 930. Needless to say they did a terrible job and now I need my car expertly detailed (Original Paint) any knowledge of who to use or where to go for this type of work in the Cincy area??? I have a claim in with hauler but need detailer to do work and see what damage was done.

Any help would be huge!


What amplifier was used in 1989 to match option code 494??? Was it a Blaupunkt BEA 80 Equalizer Amplifier or a Blaupunkt BQA 80 QUADRO AMPLIFIER??? Where was it installed in the vehicle???

I own a 1989 930 Slant Nose.  It has an Option Code listed as 494 which equates to an amplifier system.  Unfortunately when I bought the car it had an after market stereo system and amplifier instead of what came from the factory.  According to my Certificate of Authenticity, the radio should be a Blaupunkt Reno 46 but it only says amplifier on the Certificate.  I am trying to do a small restoration to get it back to factory original.  Can you tell me what amplifier was used on the 1989 930 Slant Nose if the code is 494???

2005 996 Turbo S factory options

Did 2005 996 Turbo S Convertible come stock with a fix rear spoiler?

I found a car that I'm interested but it comes with a fix GT2 tail.  My concern is this not a factory install unit.


Sunroof will not open after sitting in the sun.

Hi, any ideas as to why my sunroof will work just fine after sitting in the garage but won't even attempt to move, open or vent, after it has been sitting in the sun?

Was the 1986 930 imported to USA and how many?

I was told the the 1986 930 Turbo is a "grey Market" import to USA. Is this true?

How many were build in 1986? and how many are in USA?



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