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Wallowing Ride 2004 996 TT

At higher speeds the car seems to wallow a bit and doesn't feel sure footed as I would expect it to be. Is it time for shock replacements and if so, what type would you recommend for a high quality ride? Roughly how many labor hours would it take for replacement


Thank you!

Steering shimmy in turns

I recently purchased a one owner 996 tt. The car was pampered by the owner. He installed H&R springs (1 inch lowered) but nothing else was modified. I replaced the tires with PS2s. My problem is the steering, or front wheels seem to shimmy going around a turn as if they are trying to pull the car through a turn on grooved pavement. This shimmy is felt in the steering wheel. On any pavement other than smooth, the car will exhibit a similar but slighter tendency like it catching the ridges in the road and dart left/right.

Using PASM at speed

Hello! I plan on taking my car to run the Texas Mile in March. I have had the computer flashed and am achieving 685HP. The car ran 207.9 mph on the dyno so I expect to reach somewhere around this speed. My question is, would it be better to leave the PASM switched off at this speed? I have had it up to 165mph in the past and I find that at high speed the tighter suspension (switched on) makes the car feel a little more apt to bounce off the ground. It might just be my imagination but it does feel very tight like hitting a pebble at these speeds could be enough to take me off the ground.

1996 turbo

I'm original owner of a 96' 993 turbo, all original, 28,000 miles. I replaced struts about 6yrs and 3,000 miles ago with factory struts.Do you believe that replacing them with Bilsteins or equivalent high end brand would make a big difference in ride quality and handling.Also is manufacturer recommended tire pressure 36lbs. front and 44lbs. rear ideal for every day driving and optimum handling.Thanks.

Lou Giordano


Model: 911, Year:1975, Mileage:9,000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I have a 79 930 suspension. Would like to know the best alignment specs to use to make the car as stable as possible at high speed (over 200 mph). Not worried about low speed driveablility. Car has over 900hp and weighs about 2000 lbs

hard ride

Model: turbo, Year:1996, Mileage:26000, Type of use:Street use only
I am original owner of my 1996 turbo.Car has 26,000 miles and I recently had new struts installed an a 4 wheel alignment.Vehicle seems to take the slightest road bumps alittle too harsh.The tires are about 8 or 9 yrs. old but have plenty of tread left.My question is -could tires be dry rotted because of age and need replacement or should all the suspension rubber and control arm and sway bar bushings need replacement merely because of age.They appear to be o.k. but are original .

front suspension clicking

Model: 911tt, Year:2002, Mileage:37,400, Type of use:Street use only

Control Arm Bushings

Model: 996TT, Year:2004, Mileage:25,000, Type of use:Street use only

PSS-9 Noise

Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (Size, Modifications): Reprogrammed ; Total Mileage: 13,778;

Hi Stephen, I had a set of PSS-9s installed on my 996. The car rides very well. However, when I drive slowly over a bump I can hear a creaking type noise coming from the suspension. Seems more from the rear than front. Is this normal? I''m not too concerned if it''s a non-safety issue. Thanks,Ray


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