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How to remove horn button in 1966 912

I'm trying to repair a horn and directional signals in my 1966 912.  Logic says to remove horn button, "push down and turn left."  Won't turn left or right.  I've attached pictures.  Thanks for your input.

What is the difference in a short wheel base 912 vs. a long wheel base 912

I recently purchased a 1968 912. In doing research on parts and restoration I see reference to SWB. What constitutes a SWB vs. a LWB car.



Sepia brown paint on a 1968 912

Hello all,  I just recently bought a 1968 912.  The original paint, which it still retains, is the special order color "sepia brown".    I'd like to get some touch up paint for it.    I've tried a couple paint places, and although I have the paint code, they don't have those numbers in their data bases.    So, does anyone know the paint formula for this color?     Or has anyone ordered touch up paint in this color from someone, and can point me in the right direction?    Tks much,   Ray in Pennsylvania...............

1966 912 tool kit pliers

I have two pair of pliers in my 1966 Porsche 912 tool kit. One is 165mm and one is 160mm. I believe the 1966 912 had the same tools as the 356 with the 160mm pliers. Another expert claims the 1966 912 had 165mm pliers. Can anyone weigh in? Bert Sandlin



"Selected Steel" tool kit wrenches

<p>This 1966 912 has been in our family since new. The wrenches in the tool kit are marked "Selected Steel". Several knowageable collectors have told me the correct wrenches would be marked "Drop Forged Steel" but there are exceptions to this rule. Has anyone found these "Selected Steel" wrenches in a 1966 912 tool kit? Bert Sandlin Chicago</p>

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