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Prep before starting a 1.7L after years of storage

Looking for expert advice on what to check/change/adjust on a 1.7 liter fuel injected motor before we start it for the first time.

My son and I just purchased a 914 which has been in storage for many years and appears to be a very low mileage motor and all intact and original.

how to change oil on 914/6

How do I change oil on a 914/6.  I see a nut larger that 36 mm but it is ttached to a hose

2.0 bored out to 2.7. is it asking for trouble

looking at 914 that started as 2.0 and had engine bored out to 2.7.  is that too much and risking engine block failure down the road?

Engine model and year

 I just purchased 1974 914 and it came with a second engine. Can I verify the engine model and year by the serial number.  Where would I find this information ?  The serial number is CB034962 and the trans number is 914.301.101.00 and there is another number that is 911 301 311 OR.

 It was described as a 1.8 but it would not be a surprise if it is actually a 1.7 L,  thanks for helping out a new be !!



914 Emission issue

I recently bought a 1975 Porsche 914 with 1.8L engine.  I need to re-title in Oregon, which means emissions test- which it failed. The DMV lists my 914 as coming with a catalytic converter, which it doesnt have. DMV bases this on my cars VIN.  Is there someway to prove that my car didn't come with a catalytic converters?  Thanks for any suggestions.

Compression test

I'm selling my 75 914-4 2.0L and the gentleman wants me to do a compression test. I know they should be balanced/ close but what psi should my cylinders be?  

Oil in exhaust


1973 914 1.7L - have had car for 20 years and it’s a summer fun car. Couple of years ago one day there was lots of smoke in the exhaust. Run’s fine but after about 30 seconds the exhaust is hot enough to start burning the oil.

I’ve not had time to deal with it so it’s been basically parked since.

Problem is that it’s dumping oil into the exhaust - pretty sure it’s just on the left side. I did run it and found that spark plugs 1/2 (left side) were oily but 3/4 (right side) were clean.

Fan removal 1976 914 2L

I just discovered on my new to me 1976 914 2L that it is missing multiple fan vanes in a row, along with no timing marks. I sourced a good fan and now am looking into replacing it. Is it possible to do this with the engine in the car or do I have to bite the bullet and drop the engine/gearbox.  


Thanks in advance for the help!



Low cylinder on 914

I have 20000 miles on a rebuild did a tune up and ran a compression check one cylinder was low 86 . Not sure if I put new pistons and cylinders in to fix problem or need to have the whole thing redone again . The other cylinders are fine. Thanks in advance terry

What is the correct procedure for replacing the pushrod tube seals on a 914?

I have a significant oil leak on my father's '73 914 1.7.  It appears to be coming from the pushrod tube seals.  I have not been able to find a reference for the correct procedure to replace them.  I'm not even sure if the engine must be removed or not.  Any help would be apreciated.


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