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Fan removal 1976 914 2L

I just discovered on my new to me 1976 914 2L that it is missing multiple fan vanes in a row, along with no timing marks. I sourced a good fan and now am looking into replacing it. Is it possible to do this with the engine in the car or do I have to bite the bullet and drop the engine/gearbox.  


Thanks in advance for the help!



Low cylinder on 914

I have 20000 miles on a rebuild did a tune up and ran a compression check one cylinder was low 86 . Not sure if I put new pistons and cylinders in to fix problem or need to have the whole thing redone again . The other cylinders are fine. Thanks in advance terry

What is the correct procedure for replacing the pushrod tube seals on a 914?

I have a significant oil leak on my father's '73 914 1.7.  It appears to be coming from the pushrod tube seals.  I have not been able to find a reference for the correct procedure to replace them.  I'm not even sure if the engine must be removed or not.  Any help would be apreciated.

Good mechanic in/near Charlottesville, VA for my 914

Just moved to Charlottesville, VA from San Diego, CA and am looking for a knowledgeable / trustworthy independent mechanic for my '73 914.

Car just (500 miles ago) had an engine-out complete rebuild (performed by a very respected shop in San Diego) and I'm interested in finding someone local to help with any issues related to breaking the engine in.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

vapor lock

Model: 914, Year:1974, Mileage:unknon, Type of use:Street use only
After driving the car for 15 min on a hot day, temp around 98 degrees, I pulled into a parking lot to go shopping. Returning about 20 min later it would not start. It is a 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 L. I opened the engine deck and waited about 10 min when the engine then started. The question is, how do I prevent or fix mechanically vapor lock.

location of oil cooler

Model: 914, Year:1975, Mileage:15,000, Type of use:Both Street & Track

smoking breather

Model: 914, Year:1975, Mileage:24000, Type of use:Both Street & Track

cylinder head leaking

Model: 914, Year:1975, Mileage:23,000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I have a 1975 2.0 liter type 4. A valve seat dropped and cracked the head. So I had a set of 1.8 heads and put them on both sides. One head leaks between the cylinder and the head. I have cleaned the surfaces twice, used new gasket rings, torqued them to 23 ft. lbs. and they still leak. Could the head be warped?

fan belt replacement

Model: 914, Year:1975, Mileage:79,000, Type of use:Street use only
does the engine have to be dropped to replace fan belt


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