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Fuel Injection & Carbs

gas fomes 1974 914 2L

I have gas fumes coming from front trunk area and engine area...

1976 914 2.0 Cylinder Head Temp sensor removal

I am slowly getting the fuel injection system on my new to me 1976 914 2.0.  At this point I think I have corrected all of the vacuum leaks, and repaired the AAR valve such that it works properly. My cylinder head temperature sensor is open circuit, and have ordered a new one.

The Haynes manual is pretty cryptic on removal of this part. Access is blocked by one of the intake runners, and hampered by the engine tin. 

My question is how much of this do I need to remove to get access to the CHT for replacement, any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Fuel Pump Relocation

I would like to relocate the fuel pump in my1974 914/2.0 from it's original location to reduce vapor lock issues as was done in the 1975 and 1976 models. Appreciate comments/suggestions on how to proceed.

Runs great then quits

Model: 914, Year:1972, Mileage:68000, Type of use:Street use only
Car had been sitting a while, pulled tank and had boiled out and lined, replaced hoses, replaced Fuel ump with OEM exact match.Car starts up and runs great, drives great until you stop at a light or let idle. Then it acts like it is starved for fuel. Will not start or idle smoothly or even start at all. let sit over night then will start up idle and accelerate then all of a sudden does it again.Thanks Daryl

fuel pump

Model: 914, Year:1973, Mileage:n/a, Type of use:Street use only

Throttle plate switch

Model: 1974, Year:2.0, Mileage:275,00, Type of use:Street use only
1974 914 2.0 The car is stumbling at 3,000 RPMs'.I believe it is the throttle plate switch.It was cleaned at the last service, but after 2,000 miles the stumbling has returned. Are there any news ones out there or any alternatives?

fuel lines in race car

Model: 914, Year:73, Mileage:150k, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I read an answer from Ed about fuel line.He said that the plastic lines in the 914 , in the tunnel where good for racing. Is that still true today?The answer was in 2001.I am finishing up prepping my car to race and the fuel lines are the last thing to do.I have a fuel cell and have replaced all other fuel lines except the tunnel lines.Bruce

Fuel Smell inside the 914

Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): 914/4; Year: 1975; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1.8; Total Mileage: 110,000;

I just purchased this 914. A few days after driving it home I began to smell a strong scent of gasoline in the interior of the car. This 914 has 110,000 miles with a rebuild at 95,000. The fuel injection was removed and installed with carbs. What can be causing this fuel odor?

Weber 44idf carbs

Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): 914/4; Year: 1973; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.0; Total Mileage: 85042;

I had my enging worked on and even after the mechanic finished the work setting the timing, valve adjustment, new plugs/distributor, air measurements of carbs, the engine still backfires/makes popping sound when in first and second gears especially

D Jetronic

Vehicle Information: Model (914/4, 914/6): 914/4; Year: 1972; Engine (type, size, modifications): 1.7L; Total Mileage: 49000;


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