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Carfax on a 10 digit Vin?

Is it possible to get a Carfax on a 1973 914 with a 10 digit vin number?  I would like to attain one I've had a few people interested in buying my car-  but they would like a Carfax report.  
v/r Donovan







I am trying to locate any history you may have on a 1970 Porsche 914 6 VIN# 9140431345.  I am purchasing it from Steve Beebe in Lewisville Tx where it has been since 12-2010.  Prior to that it was owned by a Fred Kluthe in Westminister Co.  Any help would be appresicated.





914 mechanic in LA

I'm looking for a mechanic in LA who works on 914's

Total Restoration Project

Within a couple months, I will begin a total restoration of my wife's 914.  I have limited overhead space (10 ft), and need some suggestions on lifting devices that will get the car up about 2 feet off the floor for a comfortable working height.  The cost of 2 or 4-post lifts are quite expensive, but would entertain pursching one if someone has experience of the best/safest mfgr.  Jack and block can be done, but I'm 71 years young, and want to find an "easier button".  Any positive advice would be appreciated.  -AL HEEP-


Looking for an independent mechanic in the Charlottesville, VA area

Just moved to Charlottesville from San Diego and am interested in finding an honest / knowledgeable indpendent mechanic to help me maintain my '73 914.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Replacement DOT VIN Door Sticker

Model: 914, Year:1974, Mileage:156000, Type of use:Street use only

VIN number

Model: 914, Year:1974, Mileage:65000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
The vehicle identification number plate on the inside of the front trunk is missing on my 74 2.0. Is that number imprinted anywhere else on the vehicle?

74 VIN Verification

Model: 914, Year:1974, Mileage:20000, Type of use:Street use only
Can someone assist in verifying and decosing a '74 914 VIN# please. VIN: 4742907695.

Odometer Verification

Model: 996, Year:99, Mileage:40000, Type of use:Street use only
I'm looking at a 914 and was wondering if someone could give me an idea on how to verify the odometer reading to make sure that it has not gone over its first 100K and on its way to its 2nd revolution towards 200K instead? ...any tell tale signs suggestions to look for that might help verify the mileage would also be appreciated. Slight rust marks under battery and under carriage (nothing extreme and no holes) hard to fix? Thanks.


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