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What serial number is the cutoff between a 1977 924 and a 1977.5 924?

Back in September, 1977, I bought a new 1977 1/2 924.  It was the first of many Porsches.  The following April I joined PCA and have been a member ever since.  At the time, we drove an early 1977 924 and did not like it.  There was enough difference between it and the 1977 1/2 model that we bought the later car.  Even though I have owned 911's, 356's, etc.

924 for 2500??

Can you helpIn latest PCA e-news you highlighted a 924 for sale for $2500. I am trying to find the listing to purchase the car. 


is there a way to adjust linkage on a 82 924?

a few months ago my 82 924 started to shift hard in 3rd and 4th gear, it use to shift smooth.

if i take it too a shop how much will a mechanic charge to fix the linkage?

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