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1987 924S Dash Covers

Looking for advice on either a replacement or cap cover for my dash. I want to aoid removing the dash, I think that is beyond my ability. I do not really turn wrenches like a lot of guys here.

944 Seats into a 924S?

Will 944 front seats slide right into my 924S 1987. Plug and play. I was considering upgrading to better quality 944 seats? Or would it be cheaper to convert my current seats to 944 skins?? My seats are looking aged and original!

968 PN 944-555-021-16-05T into a 924S?

Can the rear quarter interior panel P/N 944-555-021-16-05T be fit into a 924S?

  I know the window moulding is different - the 924S has the rubber window gasket that seals over the panel, while the 968 has the plastic trim around the inside of the rear 1/4 window.

  Could the plastic window trim from a 968 also be fit into the 924S?

Other than that, they seem to be very similar., unless the mounting points are drastically different.


  The left panel on my 924S is warped...  and there are six of the 944-555-021-16-05T available in Germany....


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