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87 924S Rumbles at 1600 RPM

When I drivce my car it "rumbles" as I accelerate past/through 1600 RPM.  It is a loud rumble and has been consistently happening this calendar year.  The carr is driven roughly 1,000 mile per year.  I can't tell if it a transmission issue or engine issue.  Any clues?

87 924S Transmission Noise

noise in transmission on accel and decel like a bad u-joint

924S/944 Torque Tube Rebuilder Recommendations?

The bearings in my Torque Tube are bad. My local dealer quoted me roughly $9K for the repair, but said they know there are shops that can replace the bearings and cut that cost drastically. They also said "while your in there, replace the clutch and flywheel". I have found a place online( Black Sea R&D) that can refurbish the tube and sell new bearings, and found the other parts all for under $1500, which is a lot less than the $7K the dealer quoted me for replacement parts.

LSD for a 924S

Recently acquired 924S in excellent condition. Want to get the most enjoyment on DE days and perhaps a few track days. suspension a little tired so will need new springs and shocks and will add turbo sway bars. Would switching the diff to an LSD be worthwhile if I can find one?

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