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Are performance brakes worth it?

Just got a good condition 1988 928.  It will soon need new brakes.  I would like to take it on a road course once in a while, at what point would higher performance bakes be worth the cost over OEM?  Also, I would like to avoid brake dust damage to new wheels, any recommendations?

Are 'performance' brakes worth the expense?

Just got this good condition 928, but it is due soon for a complete brake job.  I would like to prepare it for a run on a road course, but I am new to this.  Are original OEM brakes adequate for a once in a while run?  At what point would expensive competition brakes be worth it?  Also, I would like to avoid brake dust damage to the new wheels I will be gettting.  Any recommendations?

928 brake upgrade

Vehicle Information: Year: 1980; Engine (size, modifications): 4.3; Total Mileage: 79000; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

I have been told the 928 S calipers can be a direct replacement without adapters for the stock calipers as long as you replace the original rotors with larger ones to accommodate the larger "S" rotors. True or false.Wheel clearance not an issue as I am running 993 wheels.

Antilock warning light

Vehicle Information: Year: 1984; Engine (size, modifications): stock-4.664L; Total Mileage: 80,000; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

The group A warning "anti-lock" light is on...I removed all the wheels to check for speed sensors and the only wires I can find are the brake pad wear sensors, which are fine. The master cylinder does not have a pressure switch, and the only other electrical interface with the brakes I can find is the pedal mounted brake light switch. I'm reluctant to drive it until it's addressed. Am I missing something?

Torque specs for brake caliper bolts

Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (size, modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 83,939; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

Can you please tell me what the torque specification are for the front brake calipers' 10mm allen bolts and the rear brake calipers' 19mm bolts? Thank you!

Brake pad dampening plates and anti-squeal products

Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (size, modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 83,939; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

I am currently in the process of replacing the brake pads on my 1988 928S4 and am trying to figure out what brake pad dampening plates look like and if I need to install new ones on my car. My car currently has Pagid brake pads on it and I will be replacing them with a set of OEM-style Mintex brake pads. Also, should I apply an anti-squeal compound/spray to the backsides of the brake pads? If so, what products do you recommend?

1978-1995 Brake Rotors

Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Engine (size, modifications): 5.0 LTR Exhaust.; Total Mileage: 92000; Transmission type: Manual;

I'm looking to replace my brake rotors. I have seen some cross drilled, slotted and original vented. I use the car all year around weather permitting and take the car to DE events 2 to 3 times a year. I will be using HAWK HPS. Can you explain the difference between different rotor styles? How well each performs? What do you recommend for my application?

928 GTS calipers

Vehicle Information: Year: 1991-on; Engine (size, modifications): 3.6; Total Mileage: 20000; Transmission type: Manual;

Are the 928 GTS calipers the same as 993 twin turbo "Big rRds"? Do you happen to know the part numbers?

Brake Pad Sensor By-pass

Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Engine (size, modifications): 5.0; Total Mileage: 87000; Transmission type: Manual;

What''s the least amount of trouble to bypass the brake sensor on my dash? My Porsche mechanic told me to cut and twist the ends of the brake pad sensor in order to bypass it. I have done that but brake sensor on the dash still lights up.

ABS Warning

Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (size, modifications): Std.; Total Mileage: 90500; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

The "ANTI LOCK" light stays on. I have checked the brakes, which look good, and performance is perfect. What should I look for?


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