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Speedometer Reading Low

Vehicle Information: Year: 1981; Engine (size, modifications): 8; Total Mileage: 94000; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

I recently confirmed my newly installed 170 MPH speedometer is 10mph lower than my previous 85 MPH speedometer. I confirmed it using GPS. Can it be calibrated for accuracy?

Speedometer Inaccurate

Vehicle Information: Year: 1982; Engine (size, modifications): 928 v8 (not S); Total Mileage: 78000; Transmission type: Manual;

Speedometer is inaccurate at high speeds. Lower speed is slightly off, higher speed it is 10-15 MPH off. I changed from the stock 85MPH Speedometer to the 160MPH speedometer. Had the sending unit changed, still didn't help. Could it be anything else or just callabration? If so, do you know anyone in the New York, Long Island area who could do this?

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