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Fuel filter

I'm looking for the location of the fuel filter on my 95 Porsche 928 the manual said that it would be behind the passenger door in the right rear wheel well. There is no filter at that location. If anyone has the location of the fuel filter it would be a great help thank you.

Is there a technical bulletin for replacing the original 2 port carbon canister with the newer 3 port carbon canister?

I am restoring a 1984 928S and have purcahsed a new carbon canister for the fuel evaporation system.  The new canister has three ports instead of two found in the original canister.  Did Porsche issue a technical bulletin addressing changing these canisters and if not do you have any suggestions on routing the evap lines?  I have pretty much figured out the connections but would like to have the "Porsche" approved procedure.

My 1982 - 928 is very difficult to start after sitting for a few days.

My 1982 - 928 is very difficult to start after sitting for a few days, even when in a warm garage. It will sputter for the first few seconds, then will just keep turning over for several minutes and finally start up an run just fine. It seem like what little gasoline is in the injectors will briefly make it fire, but then it seems like it isn't getting any fuel. I’ve noticed it’s worse when parked on a hill with the tail end down hill.

Is this the Fuel Pressure Regulator, the  Fuel Pump or maybe the Fuel Filter or all of the above?


Tom Barkman

Bad fuel. how do I flush out my system.

After putting in 7 gal. of premium fuel the car started to loose power,run rough as I exited the station. running good before putting in the fuel. 2 blocks to the house.parked in garage. I had to leave for a scheduled vacation the next day. 8 weeks later I was able to siphon a gal of gas out. Gas looked good clear no dirt or water. car starts right up but runs very rough and no idle.Car had alot of maint. done to it  a year ago. including new fuel pump and filter. return line to tank replaced. rebuilt ecm,spark plugs, all belts replaced. car ran great till I put in the gas.

Octane for 85 and 89 928s

I believe the minimum safe Octane rating required for the 928 5.0 ltr engines is 95 Octane fuel.   I'm wondering if this is true.  The highest Octane availble from service stations around here is 94.  Is this of any long term concern to the life of the engines or is it just likely to effect performance slightly?

Cuts off around 3000RPM

Model: 1980, Year:928, Mileage:110K, Type of use:Street use only

full tank

Model: 928s4, Year:1987, Mileage:30200, Type of use:Street use only
Anytime I top off the tank, I've noticed a very strong smell of gas in the garage. I've checked for leaks and couldn't find any. The smell goes away after I drive the car for about 5 miles. We've had the car for over ten years, and this just started happening this spring. Any ideas on where the gas odor can be coming from?

Cannot exceed 5000 rpm under load

Model: 928, Year:1979, Mileage:unknow, Type of use:Track use only
1979 928 track car with 4.7L rebuilt motor (from J. Thrift's old car). It was running better than ever before "kissing" the tire wall after Turn 1 at Mosport summer 2009. Ever since then it will not exceed 5000 rpm. Starts and runs well otherwise. All injectors are functioning at full throttle (verified by removing them, inserting in jars and jumping fuel pump relay leads). Fuel pump replaced in Oct 2008. Any ideas?

1984 928 Fuel pump not run

Vehicle Information: Year: 1984; Engine (size, modifications): V8; Total Mileage: 65000; Transmission type: Manual;


Vehicle Information: Year: 79 EURO; Engine (size, modifications): 4.5; Total Mileage: 106598 KM; Transmission type: Manual;

I have a 79euro 928 I was thinking about turning into a race car. Are there any performance upgrades that can be done to the mechanical fuel injection?


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