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Proper vs varities of available power steering fluid.

I recently drained my power steering resevoir to change the two leaking hoses. Needing to refill the system, I am confused by all the different suggestions for the proper replacemnt fluid i.e., Penstomin, ATF, synthetic, Dexron#4, Amsoil, Mobil 1 Delvav, Type F., etc.    Any suggestions on what I should use on my 89 928 power steering and automatic transmision  Thanks,

1991 928 vin

We were told by a friend about a 928 that has been stored since 2008 in an aircaraft hanger.  The owner wants to sell and we are begining to investigate.  We queried the vin number on .  This site says it's a GT but there is no badging on the rear of the car.  Does the vin contain this information?

vibration at 1500

Model: 928S, Year:1984, Mileage:73500, Type of use:Street use only
At 1,500 rpm the car shudders and also under acceleration at ANY speed. The Motor mounts where replaced in 2008 by the PO. The car was HIT in the RR and I replaced all the suspension on that corner. Car was checked as best we could to make sure it was not "crabbing" done the road. Any ideas?Thank you

restore 1978

Model: 928, Year:1978, Mileage:80,000, Type of use:Street use only
I just purchased a 1978 model that has not run in the last 7 years. I plan to restore the 928 and would like to source some good manuals. I downloaded a copy of the shop manual but I would like something with more 'pictures' since I am a real novice at this! Would your please provide me with your recommendations for books and or web sites that will help me in this endeavor?


Model: 928S, Year:1983, Mileage:83K, Type of use:Street use only
My 1983 928S appears to be a euro market car. I want to get it to pass NJ state emissions so I can drive it to work. It currently has no cat, but it does have air injection into the heads. Do I want to fit a cat with air injection, or is it enough to just have the injection into the heads?Thanks very much for your help!Glen


Model: 928s, Year:1986, Mileage:10k, Type of use:Street use only
I'm looking at 928s (20+year old ) the car has been lightly used and has less than 10 miles on it,besides from changing all fluids and tires and spark plugs and air filter,whatelse should I be looking at replacing or servicing when I purchase this car ? and do you know of any 928-specialized shops for quality service and repair for this complex machine in the st louis area,please advice thanks.Al

1990 928S4 Option codes

Model: 928S4, Year:1990, Mileage:33,900, Type of use:Street use only
Hello. I'm trying to identify all the option codes on my 1990 928S4 that are listed on the sticker under the carpet under the rear hatch. I've googled several 928 websites and found 928 option code lists explaining all the option codes on my car except 458 and 588. Can anyone please tell me what these two codes are? Thank you in advance. John Doak in Baltimore, MD


Model: 928 S4, Year:1988, Mileage:77000, Type of use:Street use only
I hope all is well.I am a new member to the PCA - Maverick region and a new owner of a 1988 Porsche 928 S4. I live in Southlake, Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area) and am in search of a qualified, experienced, trustworthy 928 mechanic.Could you offer any options or recommendations?Thanks in advance for your help.


Model: 928S4, Year:1987, Mileage:106000, Type of use:Street use only
I need advice the best way to cover my car incase of an accident. I currently have coverage through Liberty insurance but they dont insure cars with agreed value. I normally use the car during the summer and drive it out of town to Porsche events around the country. I've check with Leland and Hargerty but they limit location use. What are my other choices in regards to coverage?


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