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Performance Modifications

Light Enhancements

Model: 928S4, Year:1987, Mileage:117000, Type of use:Street use only
I have been asking several questions lately pertaining to wheels and tires for my 928. Now I would be grateful if someone could help me through the process of adding some additional HP without breaking the bank.Are performance chips worth a damn. And if so what type?Would you do any exhaust modifications, if so what might you suggest?Are there any light to moderate engine modifications that will not deplete the engines life? Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.Thank You in advance

Jacobs coils a good idea?

Model: 928, Year:1984, Mileage:110000, Type of use:Street use only
I run a Jacobs 55,000 volt coil and a K&N air filter in my 1984 928 S. It makes the car fast enough to outrun a new Challenger R/T. The coil was something I tried and it works but I wonder if it will cause problems in the long run? I know the 944 is okay to use this coil (and i use one on my 944). If its a similar fuel injection wouldn't this be okay to use on the 928. If so, try it. I also run Denso iridiums.

"x" pipe exhaust cross over

Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (size, modifications): 5.0 liter; Total Mileage: 115,000; Transmission type: Manual;

What are your thoughts on the "X pipe" cross over exhaust mods? I understand they are more efficient than stock systems and a good way increase horse power in the 85-86 928s

MSD box on a 1979

Vehicle Information: Year: 1979; Engine (size, modifications): 16 valve; Total Mileage: 38,500; Transmission type: Manual;

I put an MSD ignition box on my car but when I hooked it up per MSD support instructions the car did not start nor run as well. Is the box conflicting with a stock part or is there another possibility?


Vehicle Information: Year: 1985; Engine (size, modifications): 5.0 DOHC 32 valve; Total Mileage: 120000; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

I have a 1985 Porsche 928S and am wandering if I would be able to use and intake manifold off a newer model like an 87 or so on my 85 if it would bolt up. I also have a knocking sound at idle in the engine bay sounds like it coming from the front of the engine but cant really tell only does it at idle. Do you know of any performance aftermarket intake manifolds and cold air kits out there?

Horsepower and Torque

Vehicle Information: Year: 1985; Engine (size, modifications): 5.0L 4C 32V; Total Mileage: 116227; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

What is the horse power and torque limits on the engine and transmission. The car runs great I was just going to either supercharge it or use nitrous.

Repair manual

Vehicle Information: Year: 1989; Engine (size, modifications): 5.0 liter; Total Mileage: 10450;

I need a repair/maintenance manual. Any suggestions of a brand and how to acquire it?

Build Sticker Duplicate

Vehicle Information: Year: 1979; Engine (size, modifications): 4.7; Total Mileage: 116K;

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