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Model: 928s4, Year:1987, Mileage:31000, Type of use:Street use only
can anyone give me the part numbers for front and rear springs on a 1987 928 s4? Thx.

How important is Caster angle?

Model: 928 GTS, Year:1993, Mileage:112,00, Type of use:Street use only


Model: 928S4, Year:1990, Mileage:33,500, Type of use:Street use only

928S4 Power Steering

Model: 928S4, Year:1990, Mileage:33,600, Type of use:Street use only


Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Engine (size, modifications): 5.0 L; Total Mileage: 100600; Transmission type: Manual;


Vehicle Information: Year: 1987; Engine (size, modifications): 5 ltr, RMB exhaust, K&N filter, plus 2 wheel and tire; Total Mileage: 96000; Transmission type: Manual;

1986-1995 928 Alignment

Vehicle Information: Year: 1988; Engine (size, modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 40000; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

What are the front and rear alignment values for a 1988 928. Also, what is the sequence to follow in setting individual values, e.g., caster, camber, toe, and what are the recommended tightening torques for the adjustment fasteners?

Upper ball joints

Vehicle Information: Year: 1986; Engine (size, modifications): (original); Total Mileage: 175000+; Transmission type: Autotomatic;

Aluminum lower ball joints from 1978-1983

Vehicle Information: Year: 1978; Engine (size, modifications): 4.5; Total Mileage: 130,000; Transmission type: Manual;

The VIN# on my 928 is 9288200052 and I still have the original aluminum lower ball joints. I had heard of a factory safety recall on those,, is that true?

Lug nuts and Ball Joints-1978-1983

Vehicle Information: Year: 1980; Engine (size, modifications): 4.7; Total Mileage: 41k; Transmission type: Manual;


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