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Where is '84 944 radio relay

In the archves there was a question on the early 944 radio relay and the answer was its in the passenger footwell near the firewall.  Do I removed the trim under the glove compartment to get to it?  What does it look like?  It isn't described in the manual or factory manual, just refers to it in the wiring diagrams.


1983 944 Windshield Wiper Blows Fuse

Hello, I was only able to get normal speed from the wipers, as the high speed and intermittent no longer worked. I pulled the motor and checked it on the bench and it appeared to operate correctly, so I bought a new switch from Porsche and now the wiper fuse blows immediately when I use any of the switch settings- normal, intermittent or high speed. I’ve reinstalled the switch several times, being careful that it was all put together correctly, but the fuse blows every time.

83 944 Broken Turn Signal Switch

I had to remove my steering wheel due to a broken weld on one of the spokes and have it repaired. I needed to replace the steering column bushing, so I removed the turn signal and wiper switches. After doing so, I noticed a thin metal part sticking out of the turn signal switch and it fell out of the switch.

84 944 Turn Signals

I have a strange situation with my 84 944. While driving the turn signals stopped working. I get a green light on the dash but no blinking. When the hazards are turned on all four lights blink. I had my Porsche mechanic replace the turn signal switch, bulbs, and necessary fuses. The relay is fine. I took the car home and two days later the signals stopped again BUT the reverse lights stopped working. Hazard lights, brake lights still work.

Early 944 Sunroof Relay

I'm working on the sun roof of my 1985-1 944. I can make it work by jumpering the relays at the lifting motor, but not by the switch,should I have power at the switch? Talking to different people I'm told to check the relay.

why wont my 84 944 start when I have spark, fuel, correct timing, and compression.

I just swapped a 84 944 auto 3 speed to a manual and it started up once for a min. i shut it off and tried starting it and it wouldnt crank. I narrowed that down to a bad ground. But now that it cranks the engine wont start. The reference sensors are new. I re soldered the dme relay. I changed the igniton switch. I have 12 v to both sides of the coil. But when im cranking it over the test light dims alot. And right when im letting off the key it fires and then stops. Im confused.

85 944 only runs on cylinders 1&4 ,can get to rev to 3k

 One hot day after a short drive, after being parked for about an hour, the car would start but stumble and stall and sometimes rev up to 3000 and had no power.  So far, I have checked the fuel pressure, replaced the  throttle position sensor,checked the temperature sensor, replaced oxygen sensor, replaced the engine management computer, checked the spark plugs, wires,distributor cap and rotor with an engine analyzer hooked to the engine. Only cylinder 1 and 4 are getting a signal to spark.

1983 944 Dash Lighting Dim

The dash lighting in my 944 is dim to the point where I can't read the speedometer and most of the gauges at night. My local Porsche specialists replaced bulbs and the headlight control (which has the dash dimmer in it) but no luck. Is this really the best it can be? Is it possible to switch to brighter bulbs or LEDS for instance?

1984 944 Defective wiper switch

After using my wipers during a rainy day and all weather clears up... what would cause my wipers to activate when I turn on my signals? It just swipes the winshield once and then stops until I use my turn signal again. After a while (maybe a month or so) it will no longer activate while using my turn signals. I appreciate any information to cure this problem.

Tach not working

I have a 1985.5 in which the Tach does not work, gas mileage does.  I have read through the post on the subject.  I changed out the tach with one that was supposely good, no change.  I know the DME sends the signal, and that I need to check the wiring between components.  But what sends the rpm signal to the DME?  Does the speed or the reference mark sensor have any thing to do with it?

Thanks in advance.




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