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84 944 Instrument Cluster Lights

My turn signal and high beam dash light did not work so I put new one in Turn signals work and so does high beam but noticed they worked as long as I key was out of ignition Once I put key in dash lights go out not sure what would cause this

Duplicate question

My turn signal and high beam dash light did not work so I put new one in Turn signals work and so does high beam but noticed they worked as long as I key was out of ignition Once I put key in dash lights go out not sure what would cause this

83 944 No Spark


I'm an auto-tech teacher and one of my former students has an 83 944 that isn't getting spark. I was hoping someone here could help him figure out what's going on. Here is this information he's given me so far:

968 engine into 944 NA: Wiring Assistance Please


Hello: My spring project is swapping a 968 engine into my 1985.5 944 NA. I've done exhaustive online research regarding wiring work for this swap however most of the resources I've discovered are for a transplant into a S2 not a NA. Rather than reinvent the wheel I'm calling on anyone with input to please reach out and allow me to benbefit from your previous experience. Thanks in advance: Jim 



944 Starter Wont Turn, Intermittent

I have owned my 1983 944 since new. It has developed an intermittant problem.  When I turn the key to start the car sometimes it will not turn over.  That is, the starter will not engage.  The radio comes on and everything else electrical works but the starter will not engage.  Usually if I keep turning the key off ond on to the starting position it will eventually engage the starter.  I have cleaned my battery terminals but that did not help.  What do you think I should do next to track down this problem?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

1984 944 will not start

I am the original owner of a well maintained 1984 944. I drove the car for 150 mi. over a week (ran perfectly) than put it in a garage for two weeks. tried to start it, will not start.

Car turns over just fine so starter and battery OK. Theer is no spark at the spark plugs. This is what has been done or checked:

1. Starter turns over fine, battery new and always on trickle charger.

2. Original coil replaced with new Bosch unit. 12.3 volts at the primary (+) side of the coil: running voltage and cranking voltage at coil both register 12 volts

Need a Local Recommendation

I just got my car shipped from California to Virginia and I’m looking for a reputable mechanic in the area. I’ve always had my car serviced by Moddeman Services, Inc. in Mountain View, CA. The guys are great and they specialized specially on just Porsches. I’m hopefully looking for a shop that specializes and handles older Porsche’s (944 year 1983). Any input would be greatly appreciated. I’m having some electrical issues, with the headlights not coming up, perhaps the buildup on the corrosion on the switch. I’m looking to get a second eye on it. Thanks!



1984 Model 944 factory security system - does it disable alternator?

Alternator does not charge battery, but out of car tests ok. I have used Clark's Garage to bypass factory security system to start and run engine. Charge light works (heard if it is out, system will not charge in early models). Suspect exciter wire is not working, but not sure if I should bypass this with a direct wire from battery to test my assumption. Have also heard that security system disables alternator (true or false) and would it still be disabled if Clark's bypass routine is followed? Hate to pull alternator again, but will do so if not other options. Thanks for any advice

84 944 Electric Box, Under Dash Driver Side

I recently was practically "given" a 1984 944 with several layers of wiring (second security system on top of factory one, fancy sound system, power door locks, power windows, power mirror on driver's side, power hatch release, cruise control, power you name it!).  I have this one box hanging below the dash on drivers side (see picture) that I can't identify.  Label has washed off (that is another story!) Anyone recognize this unit?  Any and all help appreciated

84 944. Rear hatch release switch wiring.

I recently was practically "given" a 1984 944 (with too many bells and whistles and really messed up wiring).  Now trying to reduce to bare minimum for street driving.  While hatch release switch is not the highest priority, I would like to reinstall it.  whoever pulled it out also pulled the wires loose.  I can't tell which wire goes on which pin but know they were connected to pins 3, 2, 5.  Wires (with appropiate connector) are red, white and blue.  Hope someone can guide me on reconnecting these to back of switch.  Thanks for any help on this and any other questions it may raise.


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