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Lower Radiator Hose, early 944

I have a leaking lower rad hose and not sure which to order for replacement.  My car has been updated with improved water pump and not sure if that determines which hose to buy? 85.1 vs. 85.2  My car is the early 85 version.  What is the difference in the hoses for the early vs. later 944?  Also do I need a specific coolant to refill and where do I find the bleed screw that I have heard of?

84 944 Overheating

I have a 1984 Porsche 944, after the engine overheated because the fan failed to start, I could not bleed the coolant in the system after fixing the fans problem. No matter how hard I tried the engine would alway run hot and the coolant would eventually overflow from the expansion tank when I turned the engine off. Since the water pump/thermostat is only 2 year old and updated, I tough this is common with head gasket, and probably failed with the engine overheating so I changed it and had the head rebuild in the process. Now the car still does the exact same thing.

Spark Plug Torque

I was wandering if anyone knows the torque for the spark plugs? My owners manual and Haynes book does not say. The box the spark plug came in says 18-21ft lb well as all of the posts I read. 18-21ft lb seems like a lot since the head is aluminum.

944 NA Ignition Parts

I have a 1984 944 with approx. 125k miles. 

I wanted to replace the plugs, points, spark plug wires, coil, condensor, cap, rotor - What is recommended? Bosch? Or does it really matter.

944 Timing Belt Installation - Lost Timing Marks

I removed the timing and balance shaft belts before locking the crankshaft at TDC.  How do I go about installing the timing belt and the balance shaft belt without causing damage to the valves?


84 944 Common Problems

most common problems with this year and model?

1983 944 Sluggish Acceleration up to 3000ish RPM then runs great

Having issues with the acceleration of my 83 944.  Been dealing with a leaky fuel rail and replaced it with a used S2 version.  My original fuel rail I replaced the fuel damper and regulator.  Could never ge tthe weld to hold so, could not find a reasonable early fuel rail. Prior to this project, i replaced the TPS, and it still registers good within the Ohms.  The reference sensors were replaced and depth calibrated about 3,000 miles ago.

'83 944 starts but immediately stalls

So like the title says, I have an '83 944 NA that had to get towed last week due to the car not being able to drive safely. When I start the car, the car will die within 3-4 seconds if the throttle isn't revved. Based on the Haynes manual, it says the issue could be in the distributor, ignition coil, or other related parts. I first checked the distributor cap and rotor (see photos) and there was some corrosion on the terminals, as well as a carbon deposit peppered on the inside (more than in photo as I'd cleaned it yesterday.


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