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84 944 Radiator Upgrade?

Good morning! Any suggestions for my Porsche 944 1984 radiator upgrade? I have a blown head gasket and I’m wondering if it will be a good idea to upgrade my radiator. 



83 944 Oil Leak

My 944 is leaking a good amount of oil from a bolt located on the lower passenger side of the engine (pictures below). You can see it from under the car and it only leaks when under power. There is a washer behind the bolt. Not sure if there is a gasket or if there's supposed to be. Wondering if anyone knows the purpose of this bolt and/or the best way to go about fixing it. 


'83 944 Suddenly Erratic Idle

I have an ’83 944 that I’ve had since ’84 and I do most of my own work on it. At 170,000 miles, it has never run better. About 3 ½ months ago, I replaced the spark plugs (Bosch Platinum+4) and plug wires (Clewitt Engineering), distributor cap and rotor (Beck Arnley), and air filter (K&N). I borescoped the valves and pistons (through the spark plug holes) and they’re all clean, with just a thin layer of carbon.

84 944 Rod Bearing Change - Plastigage

I am replacing rod bearings.  Do I plastigage them to check clearance?  I have heard arguments for an against.  Crank journals look good.

1983 944 Cooling System Upgrades

I have an ’83 944 that I’ve had since it was a year old. I do most of my own work on it. I replaced the original radiator and water pump with upgraded OE parts year ago. I live in San Antonio and the cooling system cannot keep up with the Texas heat when I’m in heavy urban traffic and I can’t use the AC for more that few minutes unless I’m at highway speeds. I often must turn the heater on full blast to keep the engine from overheating, especially in stop-and-go traffic (this is not new phenomenon).

944 8V Timing Belt

I recently bought a 944 and went to tackle changing the water pump and belts.  I thought I was in the home stretch until I went to install the new belt.  I realized the distributor was 180 degrees out.   I set the flywheel lock an the motor on the exhaust stroke.  I haven't removed the flywheel lock and have simply put on the new belt.  Not sure what I can or have to do at this point?  Do I need to manually move the cam, or just turn to tdc of compression stroke.  

944 Warm Starting Problem

On cold start, the car starts right away. But when it's warmed up and shut off, after about 5-10minutes, it takes about 5-7seconds to fire up. I have replaced both the reference sensors, fuel pressure regulator and damper, temp sensors, DME relay and so on. As well, no vacuum leaks or fuel leaks, new fuel filter, headgasket, timing and balance belt, cleaned out fuel tank.

944 Random Engine Hesitation

First, thank you for all your help with the previous questions answered on similar engine situations. Here is the problem. The 944 engine hesitates about once a month. It is my daily driver. When the hesitation begins, I have noticed the occurrence during the morning, at acceleration from a stand still and continues for about 20-30 seconds. The engine is unable to move beyond 2200-2600 RPMS. The hesitation eventually disappears and driving resumes to normal until another month from now. I do have a Porsche mechanic and he has done the following:


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