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83 944 Gauge Removal

I have owned my 1983 944 since new.  The odometer/tripometer stopped working this weekend at 50,000 miles.  Can you give me instructions on how to remove the speedometer/gauge cluster to access the gear that seems to be the problem?  I saw in an earlier question you had advised the person asking that you suggested he send the speedometer/odometer out to a rebuild shop for repair.  Even if I wanted to send it to a shop I need to know how to remove the speedometer.  Do you still reccomend sending it out for repair?

Suggestions for searching for original radio

i'm looking for a Blaupunkt Radio the Model is Richmond or parts for one.

Seat Upholstery Fabric Source

My drivers seat upholstery cloth has separated from the vinyl. I’m told it is from age/dry rot. I’m now looking for the Porsche script tan cloth & vinyl. So far, I have not been able to find a source. 

944 Blaupunkt Radio Repair

I have a 1984 944 with the original Blaupunkt radio. Where can i get it repaired or where can i get the same radio or a radio that was original to the car?

1985/1 Odometer

My odometer has stopped working at about 110,000 miles

How would I go about repairing it?


Side lever on seat back drivers side

My seat back release lever is now spring loaded in the realease (up) position and the seat back does not move.  It feels like something worked loose.  Can this be worked on with the seat in the car or do I need to take the back of the seat apart?

944 pseudo-racer fabric door pulls

The fabric and cable door pulls on my 1985-1/2 944 have failed. Where can I get commercial replacements or instructions on recreating them? I've been repairing the old ones but that's less than satisfactory.

Hord Pad Grommets

I have the the 911 interior in the 944 wirh a four spoke, 911 steering wheel.  I am looking for horn pad grommets which attach the horn pad to the steering wheel. Any Idea where I can get them?  Pelican sent me three, but they are the wrong grommets. Any ideas for me?

 Thank you.



Leather Seat reupholstery vendor recommendation?

Model: 944, Year:1984, Mileage:101278, Type of use:Street use only
Can anyone recommend a seat restoration vendor to install new leather seat covers for an early 1984 Porsche 944?Or, can you recommend a supplier of a seat leather cover kit for an upholstery installer to use?

which odometer gear to be used

Model: 944, Year: 85, Mileage:130000, Type of use:Street use only
Sir: I require a new odometer gear,it's the one that goes onto the worm gear that drives both the odometer and trip meter. I am on the "Pelican Parts" website and I don't know which one I need and how many teeth to fit my 85.5 944? Is this the right place to order from or do you recommend somewhere else?. Thank you in advance for any and all assistance IAN


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