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944 Power Steering Whine, Foaming

power steering pump growl on start up,reservoir fluid has bubbles no leaks. .I did add power steerimg fuid by accident ,do you think this may have caused my problem?

should the system be flushed and new fluid added/what type fluid

If so can you tell me the best way to drain the system and refill .Thank you

83' 944 - am I missing the windshield cowl? y/n?


I am wondering if my 83' 944 Euro is supposed to have a windshield cowl and/or am I missing this piece?  I recently noticed that you can see straight through from the bottom of the windshield glass to under the hood and fit your hand there.  Worried about moisture.  Also, it looks as though I could be missing rubber trim on the left and right side as you can see the mounting brackets between the outer body and the glass.  (photos of everything included).  

Blaupunkt SQR23 Radio Repair

I have a 1985 944 with 33k original miles that looks/drives factory new. It's not concours quality but very close, including a pristine dash, window sticker, tools, etc. The ONLY thing I can't sort is my Blaupunkt SQR23 radio. It's original to the car, the AM works as does a hidden aux cable I had added so I can play music via my ipod/phone, and all the lights are functioning. However, neither the FM nor cassette work. I had a local car stereo place try to fix it but they couldn't.

944 Racing Simulation

Does anyone have any experience/recommendations in Racing Simulator software and wheel/pedal sets. I want to buy seat, software, wheel/pedals/shifter, screen and whatever device it runs on (Xbox, PC, etc).  I only want to spend $1,000.  I want to race Formula 1, PCA type club racing and vintage if possible.  It would be cool if I could pick my own car (1984 944 Spec-1) to race for the PCA element but not necessary.  Let me know if anyone has any ideas and thanks in advance if you do.

1983 944 - Water And Battery Tray

Have had an issue with water  in  the cockpit. Read a bunch of threads and sure enough if I point the can downhill it stays dry. But I'd like to fix it. 


Was thinking about something like spraying Flex  Seal in the batter tray.


Good / bad idea? Other thoughts?

83 944 Maintenance Recommendations

I have a 1983 944 that I have owned since new.  It is about to turn over 50,000 miles.  I have done the normal maintenance on my car and the timing/balance shaft belts/water pump have been replaced at 37,342 miles on September 16, 2004.  Is there any major maintenance would you suggest at this time?  It stll has the original clutch.  Would you consider the timing/balance shaft belts to still be OK?  Thanks for your help!

944 Weather Protection

Looking for an alternative to a garage structure for my 944.

83 944 Repainting Porsche Hood Emblem

Repainting Porsche Hood Emblem

About 3 years ago, my ’83 944 was in a fender bender (not my fault!). The original Porsche hood emblem was mangled and was replaced with a genuine Porsche part for about $100 from the local dealer. After about 18 months, most of the paint was gone, despite protecting it with Zymol Carbon wax. I contacted the dealer and they said they couldn’t do anything, as it was beyond a year.

How should I paint/repair this?

84 944 Aftermarket Muffler Recommendation

Hi all, I love my 1984 944 but the current exhaust system sound doesn't the car justice. I'm looking for something that would provide a deep, throaty sound. I love the sound of the Borla that I put on my 1982 928 but Borla doesn't seem to make aan exhaust system for the 944.

My 944 is a 1984 base with 35k miles.

1996 993

I am getting ready to make an offer on a 1996 993 Cabrio C4.  This car has very few options but one is P03-Technic Package.  I have searched PCA as well as all the Porsche websites but nobody has a definitive answer for what is included in this option.  Can you tell me what is in this option?


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