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84 944 Bilstein Front Strut Inserts

replacing front strut inserts with Bilstein 4600HD B6- 34-001042-i belive these are the correct cartrige for my 1984 , struts are black  , when replacing is there now and do you have to add fluid in the strut housing , before installing the cartrige ?also do i need new bump stop -and they come with dust boot so  dont think i need that item


944 Matching Larger Rear Sway Bar

I have an 844 NA that had no rear factory sway bar.  I picked up an 18mm rear sway and mounting hardware from a 951.  The car has the factory 20mm front. The car is primary street driven and not a daily driver.  Is the 18mm too stiff for the 20mm front resulting in too much oversteer?  Should I try it or plan a getting a bigger front bar right away? 

rear wheel bearings

Model: 944, Year:1984, Mileage:90.000, Type of use:Street use only

power stering

Model: 944, Year:1986, Mileage:172000, Type of use:Street use only
What is the best way to end leaking power stering unit.Will this cause problems with suspension while car is in storage? Thanks


Model: 944, Year:86, Mileage:106k, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I plan on installing 250lb springs on the fron of my 86 944 non turbo. I understand that this will lower the front end, How does one go about lowering the rear of a 944? Thank you for all of the answers that you have given so far. It is very appriciated!

drive shaft

Model: 1983, Year:944, Mileage:81k, Type of use:Street use only
I am in the process of replacing the lower drive shaft in my 1983 944. I ordered a replacement TWICE both new shanfts are 1" shorter than the original. Would you have any idea why? I called multiple parts retailers and was told that their is basically one replacemn part for all years - thx

1986 944 Lowered ride height Sport Shocks

Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 944; Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 100;

I'm trying to find a better shock for a lowered ride height racing vehicle. Rear ride height is 4+" resulting in a compression stroke travel of only 1.5" for the existing Bilstein sport shock. The standard Koni Sport (8040 1035SPT) does not offer enough travel (some broken suspensions from bottoming). Are there any other sport/racing shock oprions for this situation.

1984 944 Koni Shocks

Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 944; Year: 1984; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.5; Total Mileage: 138000;

I have the orginal shocks on the car. I have removed the two front struts and the two rear shocks. When I pull or push the shocks or struts they move smooth and solid. They are Koni yellow and the springs have a blue strip. When I adjust them they pull real hard when adjusted to hard and soft when adjusted to soft. The car drives great.Finlly the guestion. Do I need to replace them and how will I know when they are bad?

1986 944 Front Control Arms

Vehicle Information: Model(924/944): 944 Rothmans; Year: 1986; Engine (type, size, modifications): 8 valve, 2.5L, no modification; Total Mileage: 73,000;

Since the A-arms and spindles seem to be a weak point on 944s, I have been considering replacing the A-arms on my car. I have a 1986 Rothmans 944, but the A-arms appear to be stock. I use this car exclusively for track use, and wondered what is involved in replacing the arms with the various options(i.e. older 944 arms, Fabcar arms, Charlie arms), and what are the pros and cons of each?


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