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Rocker panel repair

Hello, After numerous years of track use, my 944 T has sustained some minor damage to the front fender panels just behind the front wheels. This area is covered with a wax coating which is then painted. It has a marbled appearance. Some minor rust went under the coating, so I had to remove some of the wax to repair the rust. It is now painted, but is at a different level (thickness) than the waxed surface immediatly adjacent to it. It is also shiny as opposed to a marbalized look.

New windshield 944 Turbo

Can someone advise me where I can purchase a new front Windshield. I can't fine one locally. Safelite can't find one, not even from Porsche dealer. Thanks



88 944 Hatch Strut

Looking for recommendations for Liftgate support prop replacenment.  Current props seem too stiff - thank you

944 front bumper damage repair

I sustained parking lot damage to my front bumper and it appears the driver side has been pushed in about 2 inches causing the passenger side to push out about the same distance.   Is this a DIY repair just requiring some muscle to pull it out or could there be structural damage behind the bumper requiring replacements of struts or brackets?


Thank you

John Kralj

88 944 Electrical Problems

944 rear latch key wouldn't open, key works ignition, glove box & doors..


high beam left side not working??


Any ideas as to why

Need a Local Recommendation

<p>The hood on my all original 1986 guards red 944 was damaged at a local repair shop.&nbsp; Can someone recommend a body shop that does showroom quality repairs that uses a single stage paint system?</p>

1988 944S Original Paint or Repaint?

Recently became the proud owner of a low mileage 1988 944 S. For the most part it is in good condition, body paint is a little rough though. As I bought this to hold on to as values are increasing, I am wondering if it will hurt the value of the car if I did a top grade repaint, meaning, removing all glass, trim, stripping it to metal & giving it a top level repaint in its original color. There are those who would rather say that the car in its original condition is better.

944 Body Side Molding Repainting

I have a India Red 944 Turbo.  The external door molding in the drivers side have large bubbles in the paint (looks like blisters).  Can the moldings be repainted or do they need to be replaced?  Thanks.


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