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88 944 Electrical Problems

944 rear latch key wouldn't open, key works ignition, glove box & doors..


high beam left side not working??


Any ideas as to why

Need a Local Recommendation

<p>The hood on my all original 1986 guards red 944 was damaged at a local repair shop.&nbsp; Can someone recommend a body shop that does showroom quality repairs that uses a single stage paint system?</p>

1988 944S Original Paint or Repaint?

Recently became the proud owner of a low mileage 1988 944 S. For the most part it is in good condition, body paint is a little rough though. As I bought this to hold on to as values are increasing, I am wondering if it will hurt the value of the car if I did a top grade repaint, meaning, removing all glass, trim, stripping it to metal & giving it a top level repaint in its original color. There are those who would rather say that the car in its original condition is better.

944 Body Side Molding Repainting

I have a India Red 944 Turbo.  The external door molding in the drivers side have large bubbles in the paint (looks like blisters).  Can the moldings be repainted or do they need to be replaced?  Thanks.

Center Rear Panel Replacement

My car has the aftermarket "Porsche" rear filler panel / lens installed between the taillights. It looks OK / is in good shape, but they look so much better stock in my opinion. Can anybody fill me in on what it takes to remove this / reverse the modification? I guess the thing I am most concerned with is filling the holes in the rear bumper where the license plate bracket was relocated to and the associated paintwork. Can the holes in the bumper cover be filled without it looking like a patch job or am I looking at a bumper replacement?

Insurance Issue



I have an 89 944 that suffered significant damage during a recent hail storm here in Colorado Springs.  At 190k miles, the car is my daily driver, and certainly not a showpiece.  As I expected, the car was deemed a total loss.  The question now became how much would the settlement be.  

The answer:  $1350, if they kept the car.  $700 if I wanted it back.

Local Body Shop Recommendation?

Does anyone know of a great body shop in the Lake Norman area outside of Charlotte, NC?

Club Racing Scrutineer Questions

I'm considering replacement of my stock single peice engine crossmember (1989 944 S2) with a Lindsey Racing 3 piece part to ease replacement of oil pan gaskets and rod bearings in the future.

Although I could likely read the class rules for all the classes, years & etc., I'd like a brief but authoritative assesment of any restrictions this modification might entail on the racing classes my car might be disqualified from if I made this change?


Best Regards, thanks for the help,




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