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944 s2 Cab. 1990 rogue connector

Does anyone recognize or know what this brown & black wire connects to? I don't see a male end anywhere...this is the radio compartment in the center console..... 


CD-2 Radio Anti-theft code

I went to a dealer when I bought my S2 Cab 2 years ago to retrieve the radio code. Since then I have tried a number of times to input the code with no success. My conclusion, either I was given the wrong code, I am entering it incorrectly or there is an issue with the radio.

When it displays "CODE" I enter 46363 and nothing seems to happen. Someone told me it has to be entered 3 times in a row...???? (no success).

Can you advise me on the proper entering of the code? ....or Is there a way to disable the anti-theft circuit?

the S/N is : A 1115896

944 Oil Pressure Gauge

The oil pressure gage has started to fluctuate crazily. The gage will read at the top ‘5 ‘then drop to zero then back to 5. When driving the pointer will be very spastic and fluctuate so rapidly that the pointer is almost invisible. I suspect I have a bad ground somewhere. As the other gages function correctly I’m thinking the bad ground could be at the other end of the gage.

87 944 LH tail light assembly lights do not work

87 944 LH tail light assembly lights do not work. I pluged the tail light assembly into the RH harness and it works. I checked all the fuses and they are OK. I checked the LH harness pins to ground and thay all showed continuity.Any ideas?

Best Regards,

Tim Pinckney

944S High and low beams operate inverse?

New to me car, the headlights operate inverse. When the high beam switch is in center location high beams are active (as well as fog lights if switched on) when switch is pushed away the low beams are active (but the high beam indicator is on).  If flash to pass is pulled the low beams flash. Is there a connector somewhere that may be plugged in backwards? Thanks in advance for all of your help. 


87 944 Battery Charge Issue

Hello! I just bought all new belts, alternator, and battery for my 944. I've had everything tested and everything seems to check out fine. However, the alternator still does not charge the battery and the battery light does not illuminate when the key is in the ignition. I don't know what to do from this point. 

944 LED Headlight Conversion

I'm considering installing some LED headlights into my 944, has anyone done it and reccommend which ones to purchase?

86 944 Power Windows & Rear Hatch

Power windows quit working as did switch to rear hatch. I have removed drivers side switches and used CRC and keyboard air to clean but no luck. Everything was working then all at once quit. Fuses checked fine.

86 944 Driver Door Key

Key operates both driver and pass. side door locks from pass. side, but only operates driver door lock from driver side. Does not operate pass. door lock from driver side. Does this mean driver side microswitch is bad, or could it be a bad connection, bad wiring?  Factory part price from Pelican is about $80 ouch?  Thank you.

944 S2 One Rear Turn Signal Not Working

The right rear turn signal/flasher isn't working.  The front works but not the rear.  Every other light in the right rear works.  The parking light works on the right rear when the ignition is off and the turn signal stalk is moved to the right.  The relay works (I tried a new one with no better result).  The voltmeter show less than 1 volt at the connector.  Other than having 1 wire pinched or shorted somewhere, I'm stumped.  Anything else to try before touching the wiring harness?




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