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Aftermarket radio weird operation

Radio comes on like a ghost.  Car is off, no key in ignition, nothing...  I turned on the car - ran it - turned it off and the radio went off.  Car has a Blaupunkt San Francisco.  Why would the radio just come on like a ghost?  Relay?

944S Unknown Wires

Found some wires hanging can' t figure out where they go?  Two wires are in a rubber boot they are red with I believe a yellow & black stripe. Third wire is higher up and yellow not in the boot and appears to be cut... 

944 S2 Intermittent No Start

2 Intermittant problems. My s2 starts and runs fine, but does not always re-start.Typically I'll drive the car, go to store, come out 10 minutes later and it won't restart....unless I pop the hood take out the DME relay, wait a few seconds, then re install. In most cases, I will then hear the 2-3 second buz of the fuel pump and it fires to life and runs fine. I have tried 3-4 different relays ,new and used including a new solid state relay. If I turn the car off then immediately re start it...It fires most of the time. If the car sits for an hour or more after running, it usually starts.

944 Windshield wiper motor replacement.

I just replaced the wiper motor.  When the wipe cycle stops the wiper blades are higher than before.  They go down all the way and then come up about 2 in higher than normal.  I thought I had the arms in the same position that I took them off.  What is the procedure to get them in the proper position?   Thanks,  Rex 




1989 944 S2 Intermittent No Start - Battery?

My 944 S2 starts normally and runs well.  But, lately, it will start fine the first time or two.  But, beyond that, the starter will run at good speed but the engine will not catch. New plugs and distributor.   The coil cable insulator is broken inside the boot to the distributer connection and I have a new one on order.

1990 944S2 Intermittent No Start

I have a 1990 944S2 with a no start issue.  The car will turn over but when this occurs I do not get any bouncing of the tach, no injector pulse and no ignition firing.  At times this car will start and run without issue, so it can run.


1986 944 Radiator Fans

I have 1986 944 with 18,000 miles. Noticed one fan in front of the radiator is working the other is not. do i have to replace the entire motor most likely or could it be just the relay or thermo switch.

Also I was told to replace the motor on the fan that is not working would be about 900.00  I thought it was alittle over the top.  The car was only driven less than 500 miles per year.





1985/2 944 No crank no start

Pulled DME relay out by mistake when I reinstalled it the car will not crank and will not start. I installed a brand new DME relay and it did not resolve the issue. All the lights and accessories work fine and the battery has plenty of juice. No other fuses are burnt out. Please help

1987 944 Turbo Radiator Fans

I would greatly appreciate any help on refurbushing radiator fans from a 944 turbo 1987.

944 s2 Cab. 1990 rogue connector

Does anyone recognize or know what this brown & black wire connects to? I don't see a male end anywhere...this is the radio compartment in the center console..... 



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