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944S Oil Consumption

I have a 1987 944S with the catalytic converter removed, and an aftermarket exhaust resonator. I've noticed a little blue smoke in my exhaust during acceleration between 4500 RPM and redline, and when I checked the oil I found I was low about a 1.2 quarts over a 2.5 month duration (after an oil change) and about 700 miles of spirited driving. Is the rate at which I am burning oil typical? If not, what could be the cause and what is the urgency for me to address it?

944 Oil Leak onto Exhaust

Can someone kindly advise me what may be causing a  small oil leak on my 1988 944 Turbo S?


When the car sits for a while and I start it up, it smokes like crazy for a few minutes and eventually burns off. Oil seems to be leaking on Y pipe.  I have changed the rear cam gasket to no avail. I have also checked the balance shaft covers but I don’t see any leaks but can’t be sure. 


89 944S2 Erratic Idle After Warm

Yes, the cars idle oscilates after it is warm - bounces around 200 RPM.  Thoughts?

89 944S2 Engine Oil

The Posrsche dealer says that I should be using a "special" motor oil for my car due to its age.  My research indicates that this has to do with the additives in modern oil vs. the oil used in older cars.  Can you recomend an oil suitable for the engine and year?




944 Turbo Exhaust Sound

I have chipped both ECUs, installed a boost delay valve and replaced the catalyst with a euro resonator I found on ebayUK.  951-093-111-04-944. It runs great and really pulls.  I'd like a little "bark" from the exhast though.  I tried a Borla Oval.  It gives a bit more low frequency which is nice, but no more bark.  I was thinking of starting with a straight pipe from "euro" resonator back and then add different sized glass packs until I like?  I like the Billy Boat exhausts I've heard on youtube but.....not spending that kind of money.

So the questions;

  Dumb idea?

944 Turbo Lag

Is there any way to reduce turbo lag on a 944 turbo?

944 S2 No Start

I have 1990 944S2 Cabriolet. I took it out for spin to get a bite to eat. Came out after a couple of hours, turned the key and the car sounded like it wasn’t getting gas. It was cranking but wouldn’t turn over. I called Uber to take us home. Came back the next morning early and the car started right up. I know you are going to say that I probably flooded the car, but that wasn’t the case. It happened to me a 2 nd time in a row also. Now I am afraid to take it anywhere. Have you ever heard of this before?

1986 944 Early Morning Hesitation

My 1986 944 non-turbo is having hesitation early in the am.  It was running fine last weekend.  It was in the shop for new tires and a 25 or 26 point check-up.

All was good.  Several weeks ago same issue. The owner of the shop told me there could be water in the tank, because the car was sitting idle all winter.

I thought it might be the plugs or wires, but he disagreed.  There is 18,000 orginal miles.


944S2 Rough Idle

Heavily serviced all original 944s2.  I would like to see if there is a way to make the engine run smoother.  The car has new timing belts, plugs, rebuilt cpu, 02 sensor, no vacuum leaks, fuel injectors cleaned and checked for flow, fuel pump is strong, etc.  I am hearing that this is a native issue to the 3.0 motor configuration and cpu but must believe there is a way to make the car behave a little more modern from an idle perspective. 

944 water pump gasket installation, dry or with sealant?

Do you recommend using a sealant on a 1986 944 water pump gasket, and if so, which type?  Or should the gasket be installed dry?


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