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944 Turbo Showing Low Oil Pressure

I have a 1987 944 Turbo that has been running great. I had not driven the car in about 5 days and when I went to start it up the oil pressure was around 3 bar. All the previous times I did a cold start on the car the oil presure was at 5 bar. The gauge still functions as it it at about 3 bar but will not move past that. I have not let the car warm up or driven it as I am worried about doing damage. What would cause this drop in startup oil pressure? Any input is greatly appreciated. 

944 Turbo Overheating

I have very low mileage 61,143 kms (37,992 miles) on my 1987 944 Turbo. I only drive it on warm sunny days. I just dropped off my car for winter storage. I drove a distance of about 35 kms at 100 km/hr. When I stopped the car the engine was extremely hot. You coould feel and smell the heat. The temp gauge was normal. The fan was running and shut off about 4-5 minutes later.. 

Do I have a bad thermostat? I understand 944 Turbos have 2 thermostats.

Should I have them replaced? If so, now or can I wait until the spring?


1985/2 944 Cold Start Problem

I have a cold start problem with my 85.5 944 NA, that has appeared this summer in 50 - 80 degree F weather. The car is always stored indoors. The car starts immediately but shakes noticeably for a few seconds before settling down into a steady idle. It seems that the length of the rough idle is somewhat related to how long the car has been sitting. Earlier this summer, the car sat for three weeks and it took about 1-2 km for the car to clean up and run on all four cylinders.

1990 944 S2 Overheating

Picked up a 1990 944S2 cab. The drove home without any issues ( 45 miles)  

I took the car out for a cruise a few weeks ago and noticed the temperature gauge was going up pass the middle almost into the danger zone while I was driving. When the car came to a stoplight the temperature went back down to normal operating level. Coolant level is fine, I had the system bleed. The fans are coming on. I don't see any coolant leaks. Any suggestions??

944S Idle Adjustment

My idle drops almost to stalling when I take my foot off the gas, then returns to about 900 rpm.  This sometimes gets better after a long warm up, but sometimes not.  My engine also seems to vibrate a lot, which I can feel through the stick shift whether in neutral or in gear.  I replaced the timing belts a while back and was very careful about all the markers lining up correctly.  The vibration has been present before and since I changed the timing belts.

88 944 PN 944 616 104 00 connection

I am replacing the head and while i'm there doing all hoses.  This part is in the PET and I have no idea where to connect the outlet.  I was thinkling i should just replace with earlier hose and do away with this. the AOS hose is one side however there does not appear to be anyplace tels to connect.

944S Idle Fluctuating

Every once in a a while if I have the Air condition running when I stop at a red light the idle goes way below 900 rpm and feels very rough- almost dies if I rev it up and it will go away... Usually only happens after driving on the interstate for a long period of time at a high rate of speed... this never happens when I'm not running the A/C... 

944S Cam Chain Tensioner

Why are the plastic upper cam chain tensioner guides so much cheaper than upper and lower together?  The upper alone seems to be around $14, but upper and lower together are $120-$150.

Upper only:

Upper and lower:

944S Oil Consumption

I have a 1987 944S with the catalytic converter removed, and an aftermarket exhaust resonator. I've noticed a little blue smoke in my exhaust during acceleration between 4500 RPM and redline, and when I checked the oil I found I was low about a 1.2 quarts over a 2.5 month duration (after an oil change) and about 700 miles of spirited driving. Is the rate at which I am burning oil typical? If not, what could be the cause and what is the urgency for me to address it?

944 Oil Leak onto Exhaust

Can someone kindly advise me what may be causing a  small oil leak on my 1988 944 Turbo S?


When the car sits for a while and I start it up, it smokes like crazy for a few minutes and eventually burns off. Oil seems to be leaking on Y pipe.  I have changed the rear cam gasket to no avail. I have also checked the balance shaft covers but I don’t see any leaks but can’t be sure. 



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