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Need a Local Recommendation

I recently purchased a 86 low mileage 944 that came with no records. I would like to find an experienced technician nearby who can thoroughly go through the car and diagnose and repair a few age related issues. Thank you

944 Turbo Oil Pressure Gauge

Started my 89 944 turbo and the oil presuure guage does not move.  Stays on zero.  Before starting  all the warning lights came on including the red light in the oil pressure guage.  Red light goes out after starting but guauge needle does not move from the zero position.  There is oil in the car.  Thinking possibly the oil pressure sending unit may have failed.  Would that be a logical place to start by replacing the sending unit?

Local Recommendation for PPI

Looking for a reliable shop to do a PPI before buying this car. Any suggestions in the Scranton, Pa area ?

944 T low oil light

My big red ! symbol and the engine low oil light come on within 5 minutes of starting.  Oil was changed and is full.  Before I waste $300 (!!!) on a new sensor can I test the old one?  Any ideas or procedural help would be appreciated.  1989 944 turbo.  Oil pressure is ok.

1986 944 Turbo Oil Recommendation


What is the best oil to use in my 1986 944 turbo. The car is new to me and has been sitting inside a garage for several years.


944 Turbo Coolant Circulating Pump

The Auxillary Turbo Coolant circulating pump isn't working anymore. I don't remember hearing it running for the longest time after the car shuts off. I tried testing the leads with an Ohm meter and i get open circuit. I applied 12vdc with both normal and reverse polarity directly to the motor and nothing. Any tips to resurrect it? Or links to one that isn't $300? Or do I just idle the car for a minute after driving to circulate the coolant through the turbo?

944S2 Valve Cover Oil Leaks at the Gasket

My cam cover is leaking oil due to failure of the paint in the groove that holds the gasket.  When removing the old gasket I found the seal between the head and the gasket to be clean and dry but the channel in the cam cover that locates the gasket was wet in two spots and there appears to be paint film firmly stuck on the gasket in the corresponding locations (missing from the cam cover).  Similar situation on a couple of the ring seals for the spark plug tubes.  Otherwise the gasket was in very good condition so it appears that oil was making its way "around" the flakes of paint and defea

944 Rear Main Seal Lube For Installation

I'm going at a slow pace in doing my clutch job, so I'm worried that whatever lube I use when I replace the rear main seal might not be effective when I finally start it up for the first time.  I've read some posts that say to use white lithium grease if it may sit a while, but other posts conflict with that.

Has anyone used white lithium, or should it be avoided?  Any suggestions appreciated.


89 944 2.7 Engine Shutting Down

My 89 944 2.7 sometimes, especially when I’m at the stoplight, is shutting down, I can try to restart the engine but nothing. If I wait 5 or 10 minutes, the engine is starting again and the car is running again for a few. Anybody know what I can do?





88 944S Clutch Replacement Questions

I'm changing the clutch on my '88 944s and am trying to get at the speed and reference sensors.  On this year and model, do I need to remove the air flow meter etc back to the intake manifold?  With the way the intake curves around by the firewall it looks like there isn't any other way.

Also, I'm only seeing a single connector for either the speed or reference sensor (see pic).  Anything else I've seen online has two connectors, an upper and lower.  Where is the other connector located? I guess I'll see when I can reach the speed and ref. sensors on the bell housing.


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