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Fuel System

Need a Local Recommendation

NEED A MECHANIC FOR 1986 944 Turbo within 60 Miles of Bennington, VT 05201...any ideas???

1986 944 Gasoline fumes while parked

My 944 is not a daily driver so it does sit for long periods of time.  Went parked in the garage i will notice a gasoline smell/fumes.  I cannot locate any leaks from the gasoline tank, fuel lines or injector rail.    No leaks on the garage floor detected.  Any ideas?



1989 944 S2 Fuel Gauge

My 1989 944S2 gas gauge does not accurately reflect fuel level (more is used than shown remaining). Car has 57,600 miles of gentle use. No other system issues,



86 944 Race Car Poor Running

My 944 sat for 10 years.  Ran ok

I removed and had the injectors rebuilt and changed the fuel filter and plug wires

Now it barely runs.

All plugs fire.  All injectors firing

Any ideas on why,


944 Fuel line problem

Friend looking mechanic in Tampa area with 944 experience / expertise

Porche Dealers don't seem to have anyone on staff with experience

Fuel system problem


Can the Porsche 944 turbo fuel rail be repaired?

I noticed fuel dripping from the mount on the fuel rail.  It appears that the mounts are braized.  Do you know if these can be repaired or who does the repair?

Leak on the fuel tank

Model: 944 Turbo, Year:1987, Mileage:88K, Type of use:Street use only
I recently pulled my fuel tank to repair a fuel leak and replace all of the hoses. I now have a leak on the vent fitting next to the gas gauge. It appears to be around the base of the T and on the T. Is there any known repair for this type of leak short of another plastic tank?

87 924S ~ Sometimes hard to turn over, sometimes not

Model: 924S, Year:1987, Mileage:165000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I own this 924S since over 10 years. We installed new crank & cam sensors, new fuel pump & filter, fuel pressure is top and the starter motor is less than 50,000 miles old.Until the sensor came in about a year ago the car showed signs of running lean. Since the car sometimes seems to have a hard time to start, such as if the compression was to much for the starter to turn the motor but not always. When it starts it sounds harsh when it comes to life first. Any ideas? Thanks Abraham

fuel gage

Model: 968, Year:1994, Mileage:110000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
This is one of those minor annoances. When I fill my tank up, the gage only goes to 3/4 of a tank and doesn't move until I drive at least 100 miles on the tank.The gage is accurate other than that. I already tried to adjust what I call the calibration screw on the back of the fuel gage and have pulled the sender out and cleaned the wires/ I need a new sender?Thanks!

Fuel pump testing

Model: 944, Year:1987, Mileage:120xxx, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Any one know of a way to test the fuel pump once it is out of the car. I am not receiving fuel to the block I am trying to determine if it is a bad pump or bad electrical.


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