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Fuel System

1986 944 NA Fuel Requirement

I recently purchased a 1986 944 NA, what is the correct fuel octane rating to run in the car?

944 Vapor Lock - Hot Starting Problem

If the car sits idle for a long period, 2 weeks for example and I attempt to start it fires right up as soon as I turn the Key. If for example, I drive to a store or gas station, shut off the car, have a short delay and then attempt to start, it again fires right up at the turn of the Key. If I drive someplace and let the car sit for 45-60 minutes and then attempt to start it requires several seconds of cranking before it will start. It seems that the delay is growing in duration but that could also be my paranoia.

944 Turbo Stalling/Loss of Power

Looking for advice on where to start trouble shooting.

89 944 turbo is not daily driver.  Starts (sometimes not on first attempt) and runs fine for about 15 miles or so, then has loss of power and to keep the engine from stalling I need disengage clutch and pump accelerator. Can gradually proceed at a few MPH and limp home by pumping accelerator and engaging clutch for short periods.

1990 944s2 fuel pressure damper

Tying to locate a fuel pressure damper are there interchangeable part numbers as I am unable to locate thedamper for my 1990 944s2 3.0 l 

1990 944S2 Intermittent No Start

I have a 1990 944S2 with a no start issue.  The car will turn over but when this occurs I do not get any bouncing of the tach, no injector pulse and no ignition firing.  At times this car will start and run without issue, so it can run.


1990 944S2 Replace Fuel Pressure Regulator

What is the procedure to change rear fuel pressure regulatfor on a 1990 3.0L 16v 944s2?

Need a Local Recommendation

NEED A MECHANIC FOR 1986 944 Turbo within 60 Miles of Bennington, VT 05201...any ideas???

1986 944 Gasoline fumes while parked

My 944 is not a daily driver so it does sit for long periods of time.  Went parked in the garage i will notice a gasoline smell/fumes.  I cannot locate any leaks from the gasoline tank, fuel lines or injector rail.    No leaks on the garage floor detected.  Any ideas?



1989 944 S2 Fuel Gauge

My 1989 944S2 gas gauge does not accurately reflect fuel level (more is used than shown remaining). Car has 57,600 miles of gentle use. No other system issues,



86 944 Race Car Poor Running

My 944 sat for 10 years.  Ran ok

I removed and had the injectors rebuilt and changed the fuel filter and plug wires

Now it barely runs.

All plugs fire.  All injectors firing

Any ideas on why,



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