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Heating and Ventilation

944 Coolant Leak

My 944 porsche is leaking some antifreeze.  It runs fine the heater works well.  It does not overheat.  I notice the fluid after driving the car and it is parked.


87 944S AC Broke

The AC was working great on a drive last weekend, plenty of cold air for about an hour, when suddenly the system started blowing hot air instead of cold. The indicator light on the compressor swtch was out. I replaced fuse #29 (7.5 amp heat/ac), but as soon as I activated the compressor switch the fuse blew again. Ideas?


86 944 Freon Low Side vs. High Side

I want to add Freon R12 to my ’86 944 but after reviewing multiple service manuals and online searches the location of the low side pressure valve seems to be different.  My car has both low and high side “side by side” which is convenient but neither cap valve has an indicator which is which (picture attached) .   Can you clarify?   Also  after I recharge this system is there any recommendation on alternatives Freon after I use my LAST R12 can.    I have heard of R12 compatibles and a new product called 434b.   Can you make a suggestion?

90 944S2 Interior Fan Operation

Heat blows from vents even with blower control turned all the way counter-clockwise (lowest setting) and temp knob set to "0" (lowest setting); sometimes it stops blowing hot after driving about 10 - 15 minutes.

1986 944 Turbo Interior fan stopped working

My fan suddenly stopped working the other day and I'm not quite sure how to proceed. When I jump terminals 30 and 87, the high speed on the fan blower works. With the current relay in, there is nothing, so I do have a new one coming. All of the fuses are good. The other possibility I'm told is the resistor. Is there a way to test that or not and what other items could/should I check. Thank you. 


944 S2 Mysterious Coolant Disappearance

Radiator doesnt seem to be holding fluid did overheat can't find leaks any suggestions..

How to diagnose a 944 climate control issue

My 944 recently suffered from "all heat all the time".  My troubleshooting process when like this:

#1 - The most frequent climate control issue with 944's is broken plastic clips that hold the push rods for the air damper doors.  Sure enough, I had a broken clip.  I replaced the clip and now I have "no heat all the time". 

HVAC controls

Model: 924S, Year:1987, Mileage:208K, Type of use:Both Street & Track
After having sat for several months while waiting/undergoing an engine change, the controls for cabin temperature on my '87 924S have frozen in the "hot" position, only able to slide toward the cool side about halfway, then moving back toward hot. I recall seeing somewhere that this is fairly common, but can't find anything on what I think I read. My question: Is there a "fix" for this, or am I on the hunt for a working panel/controls?

Auxiliary fan doesn't come on after parking the car

Model: 944S2, Year:1989, Mileage:130000, Type of use:Street use only
I have 130,000 km on my 944S2 which came from Japan to Canada. The auxiliary fan doesn't come on after I park the car yet in my 1987 944 the auxiliary fan came on most of the time after parking the car.My a/c compressor (3yr old rebuilt) packed it in a few weeks ago and a club member said that it happened because of running too hot. Is this true and what are the reasons the auxiliary fan doesn't come on?


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