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944 Seat Interchange with 911


Hello, Can 911 seats fit in a 1990 944? My current seats are not full power and only have the power up and down capabilities. What year or specifics do I need to know of for this project? Thanks for any tips and tricks. Cheers



944S2 Will a 996 Airbag Steering Wheel Work?

WIll a 996 steering wheel with airbag work in a 1991 944S2? If so, what modifications would be required to insure the horn and airbag are functional?

944S2 Airbag Cover Upholstery

I just had the cracked dash on my 944 recovered and it looks so much better.  But the upholsterer covered the passenger airbag cover.  I tried to tell them they shouldn’t do that but they insist it is okay.  Should you avoid recovering an airbag cover?

Late 944 Odometer Not Working

I was out this weekend when I noticed my odometer stoped working - I replaced the gears in the odometer approx. 4 years so I know there good - If I remember correctly there is a small electric motor that works the odometer, is there a way to test it - Is there a fuse I can check?

944 Rear Hatch Electric Release

Rear hatch will not open with interior switch. You can hear clicking when button is pushed. Hatch will open with key.

84-86 944 Early Style Sunroof Problem

I have an early 1986 944. The sunroof will release to allow the lift off of the panel but the arms that tilt the roof do not function. I hear a grinding noise from the sunroof motor. As it is an early 1986 build  it has  cables to activate the arms and not the plastic gears used in later 1986 builds and subsequent cars. Is the potentially damaged gear in the sunroof motor replaceable or does the complete motor need to be replaced?

85/2 - 91 944 Dashboard LIghting

Read so many articles on correcting the problem i.e. Cleaning reflectors, changing to leds, change bulbs, delete bulbs add led string etc!.

What is most effective way to correct problem? Also one kit is 80 bucks and one is 40 bucks.

88 944 Turbo S Silver Rose Seat Fabric Availability

I would like to have the seats in my 88 Silver Rose 944 Turbo S rebuilt as original.  Does anyone know where I can find the rare burgundy plaid fabric?


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