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944S clutch

I just did a clutch job on my 87 944s. I did everything to spec all torques are correct... Ive put around 200 miles on it since then.  Now it seems to have a rough clutch pedal.  I've had the pedal stick to the floor a couple of times now.  And throughout the pedal range kinda feels rough?  If i turn the engine off the clutch feels smooth?  Do you think maybe I need to bleed the hydraulic clutch cylinder?  Low on fluid?  Kinda at a loss here...

944/951 California Cat options

Just purchased an 88 944 turbo S and need a replacement CAT to pass California Smog. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a good aftermarket CAT as oem CATs are discontinued. 

88 944 Turbo S Identification

I am trying to figure out what this mismatched beast is - Turbo, Turbo S, Silver Rose, other. It is currently for sale, and I am seeking a project. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



86 944 No Start

My car was running fine last week.  I was away on business for five days and early in AM today it would not start.  When I turned the key it seems like it wants to start battery

is fine no clicking. Last week it drove fine no hestitancy shifting gears. This happened several weeks ago.  Everytime I leave the car idle for more than a week I have the same problem. If I use the car everyday it starts

up fine which makes me believe it cannot be the plugs or wires.  This is crazy. Such a beautiful weekend not happy. 


944 Option Codes by VIN?

I have an ‘89 944 turbo listed in the PCA classified section.  Is it possible to tell which options my car has by the vin # WP0AA2954KN15069



1986 944 VIN Decoding?

I cannot find a decal with codes anywhere on the vehicle. All others are there, not this one. Thanks


1986 944 base a/c mounting bolt sizes?

Trying to find the a/c mounting bolt sizes. As mine have fallen out.

944 S2 Noise in Glovebox Area

Occasionally on startup I get a loud flapping noise in the area of the glove box. I'm not sure if it's in the dash or something under the hood. The sound will eventually go away and if I restart the car it will sometimes make it stop. I've been told it might be related to the vent system but at this point I don't have a clue.


1988 944 Turbo Airbag

Airbag light comes on whether the car is warm or cold. I can't find new replacements due to the age of the airbags. Is it recommended that they be replaced? Is there a source of new airbags? if not, is it recommended to decommission the system. 


1989 944 S2 Power or Manual Seats?

How do you identify if a seat is considered manual or power on a 1989 944s2?  This is for a fire extinguisher bracket and my car has power for height and lumber and manual for forward, back and recline adjustment.  Apparently, you need to know which seat type you have for the bracket.


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