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duplicate question

searching for a drawing, photo or description of where engine bay decals are placed.

944 AC Pressure Switch Replacement

I need to install a new AC Pressure Switch.  Do I need to empty all of my refrigerant to install the switch?  The system leverages R134a.

944 Headlight Bushings

I need to change out my headlight bushings. Has anybody done this and maybe have any insight on the changeout? Part #18 on diagram, there are 4 in total on the whole linkage assembly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

944S clutch

I just did a clutch job on my 87 944s. I did everything to spec all torques are correct... Ive put around 200 miles on it since then.  Now it seems to have a rough clutch pedal.  I've had the pedal stick to the floor a couple of times now.  And throughout the pedal range kinda feels rough?  If i turn the engine off the clutch feels smooth?  Do you think maybe I need to bleed the hydraulic clutch cylinder?  Low on fluid?  Kinda at a loss here...

944/951 California Cat options

Just purchased an 88 944 turbo S and need a replacement CAT to pass California Smog. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for a good aftermarket CAT as oem CATs are discontinued. 

88 944 Turbo S Identification

I am trying to figure out what this mismatched beast is - Turbo, Turbo S, Silver Rose, other. It is currently for sale, and I am seeking a project. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



86 944 No Start

My car was running fine last week.  I was away on business for five days and early in AM today it would not start.  When I turned the key it seems like it wants to start battery

is fine no clicking. Last week it drove fine no hestitancy shifting gears. This happened several weeks ago.  Everytime I leave the car idle for more than a week I have the same problem. If I use the car everyday it starts

up fine which makes me believe it cannot be the plugs or wires.  This is crazy. Such a beautiful weekend not happy. 


944 Option Codes by VIN?

I have an ‘89 944 turbo listed in the PCA classified section.  Is it possible to tell which options my car has by the vin # WP0AA2954KN15069



1986 944 VIN Decoding?

I cannot find a decal with codes anywhere on the vehicle. All others are there, not this one. Thanks


1986 944 base a/c mounting bolt sizes?

Trying to find the a/c mounting bolt sizes. As mine have fallen out.


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