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Need a Local Recommendation

I recently purchased a 1989 Porsche 944 2.7l. Any recommendations for Porsche mechanics in Orange County, CA?

944 S2 Exhaust Upgrade

Any suggestions for a exhaust upgrade for my car just want a beefy sound and small hp gains

Local Mechanic Recommendation?

Anyone have a mechanic they trust on vancouver island...?


Local Mechanic Recommendation

Hello North Jersey Members, I just bought a 944s2 and need a good mechanic to work on the porsche. Thank you in advance for your help chris

951 turbo cup cars

I have a 951.  I have some documentation that states this car is a cup car built for the US Porsche Director of Racing.  I was wondering if someone could help further documenting this special car.  

944S2 what to expect maintenance wise

Growing up, my father had a 944, which was super fun car to drive. Currently, I'm looking at a 1989 944S2 but am wondering what to look at and what to expect.  I have a 996TT which I do all the service on, and would like any input as to what to expect for an S2.  Common issues?  Major things to avoid? Thanks in advance.

1987 944s Ctatlytic Converter

I have a 1987 944S that will not be tracked but I do drive it on good days but it does not have a catalytic converter. When I purchased the car a couple years ago it had no CAT so to save cost I decided to forego the replacement. After reading previous comments regarding the CAT I now am ready to make that purchase but need to know the part number specific to this car and if any other parts need to be purchased along with the CAT. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

Optimal exhaust size for a 944

I have just recently become a member of the PCA club, and I was curious as to what size exhaust I should use to get the most power and best fuel economy for my 1988 944. Thanks. 


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