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944 Turbo Poor Handling

I have been battling a poor handing issue ever since I finally dropped my rebuilt motor in after a few years of sitting. During the rebuild, I did some other suspension repairs. New control arms, bushings, tie rods, power steering rack, front sway bar stabilizers. I also put new turbo motor mounts in. I have had the suspension adjusted twice by an Indy shop. It feels good initially after the alignment, then a few days later it feels sloppy and I also have a noise that only comes when making a tight right faster turn (such as a jug handle turn onto the highway). Nothing to the left.

1989 Porsche 944S2 - Pinging in Steering Pump

Yes, I have a Porsche 944s2 that is a daily driver.  The car is outstanding short of a new pinging noise that has developed in the power steering but only at start up.  I notice when I let the car warm up for 5 minutes that there is no pinging and once driven - no issues.  Thoughts on the issue? 

1989 944s2 Power Steering Fluid

Yes, just fixed a couple of leaks in the rack & pinion and need to add some steering fluid to my 944s2.  When I read about the fluid in the owners manual it says to add ATF-Dexron.  Then when you read about compatibility of fluids, you get a bunch of different answers with some warnings.  Thus, this question is to ask as to what is the proper fluid that should be added that can be found regularly at an autoparts store?  I know Dex II and III work - or so I am told - but they are not readily available.  Certainly would like some help here with this subject.  I know if you put in the wron

86 944 Front Strut Insert Recommendation

 Need to replace front struts that are Fichtel-Sachs.  Would like to install inserts.  Fichtel-Sachs doesn't exist anymore.  What type of inserts should I install? Sach?  Sach-Boge?

1989 944S2 M030 Components

What does option M030 include on a 1989 944S2?  I suspect larger brakes, stiffer springs and anti-sway bars, what else?

944 Turbo S M030 Spindle

I have a 1988 Turbo S with M030 suspension. I recently repacked the front wheel bearings and noticed a slight (catch your fingernail barely) ridge partly around the axle where the inboard wheel bearing seats on the spindle by the grease seal.  Both spindles exhibit this, so  do I need to replace them?


Bill Commander

944 Power Steering Noisy When Cold

Power steering on my 944 makes noise when temp is below 40 degrees.  I sucked fluid out and replaced it but still get annoying honking sound.  It goes away when car warms up.

944 S2 Shocks/Strut Recommendation

I'm planning to replace the shocks/struts on my 1991 944S2 and would like recommendations. This is strictly a daily driver with an occasional trip tossed in so I'm not looking for anything that's going to increase ride stiffness.


Porsche 944 ride height

After researching(and posting) on multiple Porsche car forums I am receiving little information to help me move forward. I am looking for a guide for ride height measurements(values and locations) that are repeatable on the 944.(Not crazy about using wheel arches and bumper heights) Looking for the lowest posible ride height that Porsche considers acceptable.(club sport,ROW, cup-whatever) When I was looking for similar information concerning my 964 it was available and helped me setup the car perfectly.(I used the RS specs) Not sure where else to turn.




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