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944 Shift Rod Needs to Move Forward to Remove Transaxle

I'm changing the clutch and am removing the transmission.  I'm having trouble getting the shift rod forward far enough to clear the transmission.  Tutorials I've seen show the rod going forward far enough to clear the transmission and the rear bell housing.  I've got it forward enough that I think it's just in the bell housing, but wondered if is there a trick to getting it foward more.

Thanks for any responses.

1990 944S2 Lurching on Accel and Decel

Had trouble shifting which led to replacememt of clutch master and slave cylindar. 10 days later car is lurching when accelerating, especially prominent when I've taken my foot of the pedal and then resume accelerating. ALSO lurching occurs when take foot off of gas pedal. The more rapidly I take pressure off or put pressure on the pedal, the more prominent the lurching. I am told it is the clutch, but I don't understand how this could be the cause. Any help would be appreciated!


1990 944S2 Manual Transaxle Fluid Capacity

I am about ready to change the 5 speed Manual Transmission Oil in my 944. I am planning to use Mobil 1 Synthetic 75W-90. My 1990 owners manual mentions 0.53 US Quarts or 2.0 Liters. The quantity sounds way too low for me. I think the differential and transmission share the same lubricant. Once I drain out the old oil, and reinstall the bottom drain plug, can I refill the transmission to the overflow at the upper refill plug? What is the recommended refil quantity if that is not the correct fill point...Thanks, Harley Haag, San Diego

944 S2 Very Slow Gear Shift after Synchro Replacement

I had synchro's changed about 500 mile ago by a very experienced local Porsche mechanic (although he would admit he is not a gearbox specialist). Gearshifts are good, smooth and reasonably quick at low to medium RPM (say upto 4,000 rpm). But slow or "gear clashing /crunching " above about 4,000 rpm (in the new gear). OK for the road, but it's also a track day car.

Specifically, for high rpm downshifts:

 - if I attempt a gear shift with normal speed and force, it feels to "shoot straight through" the sychro process and I get gear clashing; or

944s2 transaxle rattle

When the car is idling in neutral and the clutch is engaged, there is no noise coming from the transaxle, but when I let the clutch out in neutral,  I hear a rotational noise coming from the transaxle. New clutch 3 years ago. I changed the transaxle gear oil with sae 75w-90 full synthetic 3 weeks ago, but same noise. The gear box shifts are smooth as can be. I heard using Swepco transmission oil might quiet it down, your thoughts.

'88 944 transaxle mount.

I need to replace the upper transaxle mount on my 1988 944.  Do you have to remove the transaxle to get it out?

Clutch Guide Sleeve Lube?

I'm redoing the clutch and have seen quite a few recommendations for the guide sleeve lube.  I want to know exactly the stuff to use on it, and if it's a Porsche lube, please include the PET number for it.

944 Automatic Transmission Reliability

I am considering the purchase of an 89 944 with an automatic 3 speed transmission. All my other 944s are manual. What might I want to look for in the way of problems with the car/ transmission and what performance should I expect with an automatic? The car has 100,000 miles on it.

Difficulty with shifting

I'm have issues getting into certain gears, almost like the syncro or linkage is skewed. The problem seems to be inconsistent but once warmed up, dissipates a bit but is still present. Could this be related to a worn clutch or loose linkage? The car has a short shift kit but other than that is stock.



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