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944S2 stuck in 4th gear

944S2 stuck in 4th gear.  Any suggestions?

944 S2 Transaxle Oil

Can I use Amsoil 75W90 gear oil in my 944s2?

Bleeding Clutch Hydraulic System



My 87 NA 944 sat for 6 weeks and now it has the floppy clutch pedal problem. It now only really responds to the balancing spring and wants to be up, in the middle, or down, with no real hydraulic back force. The first day I drove it after the six week period it still worked but would only rise half way up and did not fully compress the clutch plate springs.

944S2 Transmission Noise on Deceleration

After over 20 years of shifting bliss I was forced to replace the transmission in my S2. I located a used transmission with 60,000 miles from a parting company and my porsche mechanic installed it. While road testing the replacement trans the rubber center on the clutch disintegrated so my mechanic replaced the clutch as well. The car shits up and down through the gears without any drama. Now the problem.

1989 944s2 thump noise from rear axel or torque tube standing start in 1st gear only.



Thumping noise coming from either the torque tube or trans axel, only when starting in first gear, right after letting the clutch out, while accelerating slightly hard. No thumping under very light start out in first gear. No thumping at any other time, no matter how hard the car is driven thru all gears. The LSD,5 speed trans, and clutch have no issues. I replaced the rear shocks but still hear the thump on take off.

944S Removing Stripped Allen Bolts on Drive Shaft Coupler

Both allen bolts on the torque tube to transmission coupler have gotten stripped.  I was tightening them, and going incementally.  They went to 45lbs ok, but trying to get them to 58 lbs and they started stripping (not the threaded ends, but the allen socket side).  I'm guessing I need to grind these out somehow.

1. Any tips on what kind of grinding or cutting bit is good for this?  

2. Are these bolts single use parts?  My allen socket was in firmly with no play.  They allen socket isn't worn or rounded.

I attached a picture for reference.


944 Turbo 5th gear set with 26/23 gear tooth count

I am trying to get the rpm drop closer in my improved touring race car.  I know there were two ratios for 5th gear available and am trying to find the gear box designation (number) or porsche part number for the 5th gear set with a .885 ratio.  The tooth count is 26/23.  Thanks

944S Flywheel Orientation

Is there any particular way the flywheel needs to be oriented when replacing the clutch on a 1988 944S (16V)?  I've seen articles that say the pin must be pointing down, but my flywheel has two pins, and a large gap in the teeth that the single sensor would read (there is a second sensor lower down the bellhousing but it seems like this is just for diagnostics, and it looks like this is what the two pins would align with.

Since the gap aligns with the sensor, and this is what I gapped to .8mm, does the gap in the teeth need to point down?  I've attached pics if it helps.


1989 944S2 Manual Trans Stuck in Neutral

Attended the 70th birthday party at my local Porsche dealer.  Backed into the parking spot, stopped and put into neutral.  Would not go into any gear.  Had to bring home on a rollback.  Lifted the rear end today.  Lifted the cover over the shifter.  Everything is connected.  The gear shift cable is connected to the imtermediate shift lever.  The intermediate shift lever can be moved back and forth a little by hand.  Everything else looks connected on top of the transmission housing.  Pushing the clutch in feels normal.  Am I looking at a transmission problem?  Thanks in advance.

944 Shift Rod Needs to Move Forward to Remove Transaxle

I'm changing the clutch and am removing the transmission.  I'm having trouble getting the shift rod forward far enough to clear the transmission.  Tutorials I've seen show the rod going forward far enough to clear the transmission and the rear bell housing.  I've got it forward enough that I think it's just in the bell housing, but wondered if is there a trick to getting it foward more.

Thanks for any responses.


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