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Rims for 944 S2 1991

I am interested in changing to 17 inch Turbo Twist rims...offset, Front 17x7.5 ET 23...Rear 17x9 in. ET 15....I enjoy the ride of the car, however I like the look of the twist rims on the 944...can anybody tell me if the rims will fit this car without spacers or are spacers required?

944 Turbo Wheel Options

What is the best size turbo twist wheel/tire combo for a 944 turbo?

Car currently has the stock phobe dial wheels and I am looking to upgrade for aesthetics but also want to maintain or improve performance.


1987 944S Wheels

I recently bought a 944S 1987. And the wheels that came with it appear to be 928 seven slot wheels. I was told that the 87's did not come with Fuchs. Is this true? Can I fit Fuchs on this car? If not what was the original rims this car was sold with?

1987 944S Wheel Offset

Knowing the factory wheel offset is 52mm, is it possible to do 50mm or even an offset of 45 without rolling the fenders?

944 S2 Recommended Tire Pressure

Yes, what is the proper tire pressure for the Porsche 944s2?  I see on the gas door 36 and 36 psi - but then you read online and there are other numbers.  The ride is really hard and am wondering if the pressure is to high for some newer tire technologies and not necessary.  Would be nice to try and soften the ride a little without compromising the performance.

1986 944 Turbo Wheel Spacer


Looking for recommendation for front and rear spaces to give my 86 944 turbo a wider stance (but not beyond fenders of course).  205 in front 225 in rear.  Stock 16" dial wheels.



Id like to get 225/50/16 and 245/45/16 tires, but couldnt find non summer tire options.




944 S2 M030 tire sizes

Anyone know what the oem tire sizes were for an 89 944S2 w/M030?  I can find wheel sizes (16 X 7.5  &   16 X 9), but not the tires.



944 Wheel Refinishing

I want to refurbish my 1986 944 wheels (telephone dial pattern) and have reached out to various shops with mixed recommendations. Some have told me they cannot do powder coating and suggested using liquid paint which is OEM. Others have told me that powdered coating is better and suggest that I pursue that process.

944S2 wheel replacement

I have a 944S2 and I am lloking at another set of wheels.  Stock off set is 52mm.  The rear wheels I am looking at ar 9x17 47ET.  Do I need 5mm spacers?   



87 944 Wheels

I'm wondering what size and type of twist rims would fit on my 1987 Porsche 944 Base Model. I'm new to the Porsche arena as I just bought my car a few months ago. A few weeks ago I bought Porsche Turbo Twist Replica Rims (Shown Below) and they stuck out too far past the fender. Now, I have them on for sale on here. I like the look of those but wonder if there are other styles that will fit that car. I'm not a huge fan of the phone dial rims currently on it. Any ideas... ~ John


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