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18" wheel upgrade - additional suspension requirements

Yes, I am upgrading my wheels to 18" and was told that there are some additional suspension upgrades required such as the 968 caster.  Is this true and are there other upgrades required?  I am not a track guy but like a solid mountain road on occasion.

944s2 Wheel Upgrade

I have a 100% stock 1989 944s2 with 16" D90's.  Older gentleman that enjoys a pleasant ride.  I believe the ride is as rough as I want it to be.  With that said, I would like a little more rubber under her and have been looking at the Outlaw 001.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a size wheel including specification? 

1991 944S2 Wheel Vibration at Speed

Earlier this year I hit a curb while trying to avoid a deer and took out the two left wheels and tires (driver's side). I had the two wheels and all four tires replaced, balanced and aligned. I then had a vibration that  was traced to one of the new tires, so all four tires were replaced with new ones. I still had a vibration between 50 and 60 mph so I once again had Road Force Balancing and another alignment done. The vibration remained. I replaced the front struts and control arm bushings and had another balance and alignment done.

944 Wheel Change and Effect on Speedometer

Because of the difficulty finding 15 inch tires I'm considering moving to 16 in rims. Will this change significantly affect my speedometer/odometer readings? (guess who recently received a speeding ticket?). As 16 inch wheels were available can I assume there is something in the instrument unit that I can replace to give me the correct speed/mileage?

1986 951 Wheel Size

Is here a bulliten or information source on wheels sizes for the 1986 951?  Are  there other size wheels that will fit with spacers?


1986 951 8x16 Rear Fuchs fit Rear of 1986 944NA ?

I'm interested in obtaining a set of original '86 951 7x16 and 8x16 Fuchs for my '86 944NA.  The 951 Fuchs front and rear offset (23.3mm) seems to be equal to that of my 7x15 phone dials.  Sounds good; however, I notice in the attached list of 944 wheel sizes from Rennlist that the wider, rear, 8x15 Fuch optional wheel for an '86 944NA had a 10.6mm offset.  This raises my concern that an '86 951 rear hub is not located the same as for the same year 944NA.  Can anyone with experience using '86 951 7x16 and 8x16 Fuchs on the same year 944NA provide some advice/guidance ?


1988 944 Alignment Specs

Need to get alignment. What are the specs I should advise the alignment shop?

Tires for a 944

I have 17 inch rims on my car. What are the best tires for everyday (summer only) use? No racing. I currently have 255/40's on the rear ans 215/45's on the front.

944 S2 Wheels

I have a 1990 944 S2 Cab. It has what looks like 928 wheels on it (polished slotted disks). My question is what other Porsche OEM wheels will fit on this car? Will the Fuchs offered in 1986 only for the 944 Turbo fit? Thanks.

Best Autocross Tires 215/60/15

I'm looking for new autocross tires ( 215/60 r15 ) for my 1986 944.  I have the original phone dial 15" rims and need good v-rated tires for racing.  Does anyone have suggestions please?

Thanks, Leyden


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