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968 Cabriolet Windshield

Can a Windshield of a 968 Cabrio 944 541 011 10 fit on a Coupe (Antenna on the Coupe would have to be in front with the windshield) however I'm not sure if the Coupe ever had the windshield antenna option



968 Rear Hatch Glass Delamination

The rear window in my 968 has come loose from the frame and the glue holding it in place.  There is a significat gap at the top where the glass has slid down from the frame.  (Also leaks!!) I took it to a car glass repair/replace place and they wouldnt touch it because they were afraid of breaking it.  Has anyone else had this trouble and did  you manage to get it fixed?

968 No Drill License Plate Bracket

I am in California and need to install a front license plate bracket because I've received two tickets for not having the front plate on. Ideally looking for a no drill hole option. Any suggestions?

968 Cabriolet Rubber Seals Between Body Parts

Does anyone have recommendations on how to replace the seals between the body parts.  Mine are dry rotting.  My local mechanic (Autobahn in Fairfax, VA) ordered me the replacements, but I'm not sure how to properly install them.  Jose mentioned using glue on them when they are installed.  Not sure what kind of glue would be appropriate for this type of application.  I guess I can call and ask him, but  If anyone has experience on how to go about this procedure your experience with any photos or video would be particularly helpful.



968 door handle removal

The gaskets on my 1994 968's door handles are crumbling and I need to replace them.  They've almost entirely disintegrated 

  My car has the electric door locks. 

 I've read the repair manual, but I'm having a heckuva time getting these door handles off to replace them.  The manual is not very detailed.

  During Step #4, whatever that clip was attached to fell into the door when it was unclipped.  I cannot located it. 

  In the illustrations below, I'm at step #5.  However, I'm unable to get that deflection lever unclipped.

94-968 Door Lock Problem?

Doors will not open, drivers side still opens with a key from the outside. If the door must be open to get to the inside door panel, how can i get to door panel if i can't open the door.

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