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2001 986 base model, Central Locking malfunction

I have a Central Locking problem. I do not have a remote Locking fob or a car alarm installed. As I said base model, radio only option listed. 

-door locks with key (3 turns necessary) LED on Central Locking switch (on dash) flashes twice. 

-must go around and physically key lock passenger door, Central Locking switch LED flashes multiple times.

-gas door lock does not activate, always remains open.

968 incandescent -> LED bulb swap

Purchased my first Porsche last month. A couple of bulbs need replacing so I think the time is right to replace all exterior lights, including headlights, with LEDs. Anything I need to know, e.g., fast turn signal flash, etc. when making the change or is it a simple R&R? Thanks!

968 OBD and data logger?

I want to connect an AiM Solo DL data logger/lap timer.   Does the 968 have OBD?


Wiring harness for Porsche 968 radio

I recently bought a Porsche 968, which had an aftermarket Alpine radio/CD player installed.  I then purchased a Porsce Classic radio/nav unit and dropped it off at my Porsche specialist for installation.  As I have seen mentioned, when the Alpine unit was removed, it was found that the original Porsche wiring harness is absent (clearly removed when the Alpine unti was installed).  I can't seem to located a source to procure a new wiring harness.  Can you point me in the right direction?

1992 968 Odometer Reset

I recently bought a 1992 968, learned how to reset the odometer, but it does not work. Opened up the dash, there is no reset switch behind the vent. Also cannot find any wiring that might have gone to the reset switch. Bought the switch, still cannot locate any wiring or even remnants of wiring. However on Rennlist, saw the back of the instrument cluster and it was noted that there are two wires that energize the solenoid that engages the odometer to reset it.

968 Warning Lights

DME Signal to Warning / Idiot Lights Configuration


I am in the middle of swapping a 968 drivetrain into an '84 944 chassis. I am trying to figure out how to make the 968 check engine / low oil warning indicators to be functional, that is light up a 12v LED indicator.

My basic question is, does the DME:
1. Provide power (+12v or +5v) to the indicator light, when actuated?
2. Ground the signal line coming from the indicator light?

94 968 Airbag fault code 23

The car is giving an airbag fault code 23.  "Ignition pill circuit 3 - resistance too low/high".

The airbag check light does NOT come on when the key is turned. 

The "!" warning light on the dash stays on.  

 What is the ignition pill circuit?  Is that part of the airbag control unit?  Where should we be looking to solve this issue?

968 Rear window defrost wire connector

 Recently I purchased a 1994 968.   The rear window defrost wire connector has broken off at the main harness where it exits the body plug.  This is the female spade-type connector that connects to the frontside of the hatch strut. and locks into a receptacle.  It is a double-crimp style that has wire insulation support.(NOT a barrel crimp style)  I cannot find a suitable locking female spade connector.  If possible, I would like to replace with an original connector. The connector is the same type (but larger) than the short defrost harness on the opposite end of the strut.  Help?

968 Alternator Charging

I recently bought  a 968 with a charging issue. I am attempting to be a new DIY'er rather than take it to the shop at every issue and although I have poured through the forums i could still use some help. For background, the previous owner made me aware of the issue, said the alternator tested good and that he replaced the positive battery cable. The car has a winter garage charger that allows the car to be run for 30min before dying. When it is running, it is running good. 

CR-1 Radio Repair

The CR-1 Radio in my 1992 968 is not working.  I called United Radio in Syracuse NY and they said they no longer work on these radios.  Anyone have a source for who will still work on  / repair these radio's?  Thansk!


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