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I inherited a 1993 968 cabriolet they needs mechanical work and looking for a certified technician near Davenport, IA. 

968 Oil Cooler Line torque settings?

Engine oil cooling lines part number 94420701104 connect to the engine block directly below the Oil Filter.  The two lines are attached by ONE BOLT in the center.  Trying to track down the torque settings for that bolt.  

Thanks in advance...

Jerry Widner sends...

Semper Fi!

968 Engine removal

I have read many online articles about engine removal from 944/951 series Porsches, but can't locate 968 specific information.  Specifically as it relates to removing the engine from the TOP vice bottom.  Does anyone have any detailed instructions of this procedure as it pertains to a 968?


need repair shop for 94 968 near 98250 zip

need to replace DME, timing belts, water pump, starter, and distributor housing

1992 Porsche 968 engine light with hall sensor code.

Hi I own a 1992 porsche 968 and have been having some trouble with the hall sensor lately. Alittle while ago the light came on with the code for the hall sensor. I replaced the hall sensor and drove for about  10km/4-5miles before the light came back on. The light also goes off and on at random if I am driving it. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any ideas on what to do to fix it? 

oil in 968 coolant

I was at laguna seca and had some quarter sized oil drops in my coolant expansion tank after my first 20 min session, (2 misshifts) and a redline..I was concerned and kept an eye on it and the coolant level, when I got home 49 laps plus 100 freeway miles later there was no visual signs of oil in the coolant and neither the next day... Do I have a weak or failing cylinder head gasket or could this really have something to do with an oil cooler????    1994 968  - VIN#   WPOAA2967RS820761



Cam Belt Tension - Do I really need the 9201 Tool?

Since the 968 hydraulic tensioner eliminates the need to set the tension for the timing belt, how critical is it to set the cam belt tension with the 9201 Tool versus the forefinger and thumb 180 degree rotation method? I don't want to cut corners, but I don' twant to spend the money for the tool if it's really not required.

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