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968 Rebuilder: Need a Recoimmendation

Can anyone recommend somebody with expertise on refreshing and rebuilding 968 engines in the Great Lakes region? I would be willing to travel. I am wanting to refresh a 968 motor before transplanting it into my '87 944.


968: Rattle at 3200 RPM

Hi all, 

I recently purchased a 93' 968 with a great service history from a great PCA member. Upon receipt I had my specialist do some service/maintenance including a full belt service, motor mounts, radiator, some rollers etc. Running great BUT there is perturbing rattle/buzz which occurs seemingly consistently across gears at about 3200-4000 rpms. My first thought is a balance shaft issue as he was just working in there and had replaced the belt. Hoping to get this car as close to "perfect" as I can and am hoping for some help remedying this issue.

Thank you!

968 running hot at speed?

The recent Zone 7 food drive was the first time I've had my 94 968 Cabriolet Tiptronic out for an extended highway drive in warm weather. On earlier drives, the temp gauge settled at about the 9 o'clock position regardless of engine speed. Ambient temp was 18 C or less. During the drive last weekend, with ambient temp pushing 30 C, the gauge rose to 11 o'clock, just a hair below the "red" zone, while cruising between 65 and 75 mph. Slowing down to 55 or less lowered the pointer to 10 o'clock.

Winter storage re: watercooled system and coolant


As regards winter storage, what is your advice on the coolant system on the watercooled engines? Is it safe to leave it as is through Canadian winter?


94 968 Erroneous Oil Level Low Light

I bought a beautiful and meticulously maintained 94 968 in November 2018. I only drive it about once a week and I usually check the fluids every time. Several times the master caution and low oil level lights have come on. In the 2000 miles I’ve driven it, it hasn’t used a drop of oil and it has no leaks, so I know the oil level is good. I don’t want to spend $200+ on a new oil level sender. I found a Porsche OEM sender block off plate; if I install it and leave the sender electrical connection disconnected, will I get perpetual master caution/oil level lights?

long dormant 968 has lost oil prime

Due to some health issues my '92 968 Cab has not been driven for the last two years. Prior to being parked it was properly maintained and was running flawlessly. It has been garaged and the battery kept up. Now I'm wanting to get it back on the road. I pulled the plugs and DME relay to crank it until getting positive oil pressure but to no avail. The pesky oil pressure needle will not come off the peg. I've read that for a 944 you remove the oil filter, pour some oil down the center tube, put a socket on the crankshaft nut and rotate the engine backwards to prime the oil pump.

968 Oil in Coolant

Just discovered oil in coolant. ("Milkshake") Other than a head gasket leak what could be a cause? Oil does not seem to be contaminated.. 

Local Mechanic Recommendation

I inherited a 1993 968 cabriolet they needs mechanical work and looking for a certified technician near Davenport, IA. 

968 Oil Cooler Line torque settings?

Engine oil cooling lines part number 94420701104 connect to the engine block directly below the Oil Filter.  The two lines are attached by ONE BOLT in the center.  Trying to track down the torque settings for that bolt.  

Thanks in advance...

Jerry Widner sends...

Semper Fi!

968 Engine removal

I have read many online articles about engine removal from 944/951 series Porsches, but can't locate 968 specific information.  Specifically as it relates to removing the engine from the TOP vice bottom.  Does anyone have any detailed instructions of this procedure as it pertains to a 968?



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