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Heating and Ventilation

968 Cooling fan circuit

The cooling fan does not cycle on/off when driving. It also does not continue to run for a short period when I shut off the engine.  If I push the A/C button the fan operates as it should to cool the system. I have replaced the thermostat switch in the radiator and bled the cooling system. Neither corrected the issue.  What other switches/sensors are in the cooling fan circuit that might solve the issue.

93 968 AC Compressor

The magnetic clutch on the AC compressor of my 968 1993 broke and then of course the A/C stopped working, because leaking out! Could I just replace the clutch on the compressor or replace the entire compressor? Problem: The compressor changed in '93 to 944 126 008 01 vs 00 just in the middle of my model year and I need to know, which type was built into my car?

968 Water in Footwells with AC On

When my A/C or heater are turned on water runs (flows, fast drops) on both sides of the dash, next to the hump into the foot wells? Any ideas? Another thing, when the ac is turned on, there are fans cycling on and off every few seconds. This happens when the car is idling, don’t know if that happens while the car is being driven...

968 Climate Control Pinout

While removing the heater/ac control panel, the plastic, 12-wire connecter on the right side 'blew-apart" in my hand. Unfortunately, the pins came out of the connector. I had to guess at the proper installation order. Of course I guessed wrong and just about everything doesn't work properly. Blend doors don't move, temp control doesn't heat, a/c compressor won't start, and control panel lights don't come on properly.

968 - Air Con cuts between cool and hot


My 1992 968 is great. However, I notice that my air-con tends to cut between hot and cold. Happens as the cut idles or when I change gears suddenly. Been advised to do an air-con top up but I was wondering if it was a swtich of some kind?

Appreciate any advice


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