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968 Power Seat Front to Rear Parts Diagram


 The driver's seat is moving freely along its rails and I don't know if I need the whole power seat assembly or just a worm gear/bushing to secure the seat to the rails adjustment mechanism. I don't know the part number of the 968 powered driver's seat to look for diagrams on the internet to identify the specific part number.

could also use a shop manual 

968 Dashboard Cracks

Its 2020, the world might be going down the pan but surely there is someone, to take their mind off the impending doom, that has mastered a technique to fix dashboard cracks (on the dash and around venting). I know there is Just Dashes and Classic 9 that offer restoration/covering but given there are so many solutions to fixing upholstery and other interior items I thought by now there would be a little magic person that could fix a few annoying cracks without having to take the whole dashboard out. Anybody had any joy?

94 968 Passenger seat belt dampness

It's been raining fairly heavily here in Seattle the past couple days.  This car is new to me.  

Today we took a ride, and my GF noticed when getting in the car that the passenger side seat belt was damp.  It seems to be mostly to portion that's rolled up.

No apparent dampness on the floor, around the sunroof, or surrounding interior panel.  

I wouldn't say the seat belt was sopping wet, but it's definitely quite damp.  


 Any good ideas where this dampness could be coming from?

1994 968 passenger side airbag problem

I have a 1994 968 cab with a little over 80,000 miles on it - a great car but i recently put the key in the ignition and the right passenger airbag deployed blowing out my windshield. My questions is does the whole dash have to come out to replace it if i can find it - please note that i am not a purist - please help

968 Steering Wheel Update with Airbags

Is there a 3 spoke steering wheel with airbag update for the 968? Plug and play? Upgrade kit?

968 Local Recommendation - Sound System?

Can anyone recommend a good car audio installer in Southeast Pennsylvania area?  Also can anyone recommend a good location for a subwoofer and amp? Can it fit under the dash on the passenger side?  Dont want to cut into the rear glove boxes I have on the 968 cabriolet.


968 Power Driver Seat connections Cannot locate the mate

I need some help.  I've a two conductor, female plug that I cannot find its mate.  It controls the driver seat angle and raises/lowers the back of the driver's seat.

Air Bag & Annunciator Lights stay on

 For quite some time upon start-up, my air bag and annuciator lights stayed on while everything else has turned off normally.

 At first the two lights would would turn off after a minute or two of driving. As time went on the lights would burn for a longer and longer period before going out. Finally, they stayed on all the time until the ignition was turned off.

Where can I obtain correct diameter interuior screw caps?

Am missing 2 screw caps on windshield post interior trim & 1 on top header. Oredred replacements from Pelican but they are too small in diameter. Called Pelican & was told that they are the only interior caps that Porsche lists. Any idea where I can get correct diameter size screw caps? Thanks,


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