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95 968 Convertible Parts

I cracked both B Pillars in my 1996 968,,, where can I purchase these?

968 Cabriolet Top Jammed

With the driver's door open and the windows up, I went to lower the convertible top. The top raised to a vertical position and then stopped moving. It stayed jammed in that position and would not move in either direction. When the switch is engaged you can hear the motors running but nothing happens. I loosened the two pivot bolts and operate the roof manually. I dropped the top manually and tightened the pivot bolts. Tried the switch to raise, could hear the motors but nothing happened. Went to the other extreme; raised the top and engaged the switch to open.

Thoughts on 968

What are your thoughts on the 968 model? The only Porsche I have driven is my 2005 Boxster S and love the handling, pick and overall feel. I do alo like the looks of the 968, and the price point, but before I go too far, wanted to see how the 968 is considered by other Porsche enthusiasts? Does it hold it's value? Is it sought after? Anything to be concerned about.

Yes my dream car is a 911, and then a 928, but budget wise it is a few years away, however do want to start collecting porsche's slowly.

Thoughts, advice?

Local Recommendation for PPI

I need a recommendation for a PPI provider in Atlanta, I am considering the purchase of a 968. I am in Albuquerque...

Flat towing 944/968

I am a Test Drive member looking for a 968.  I don’t want to sound like a heretic, but would like to know if it could be flat towed behind my RV?  We retired and will be traveling around USA and if I can use this as a tow car, it will help me justify buying one now instead of waiting.  I’ve seen on line where 944s were flat towed and the owners made a “base plate” by using the front bumper on the non turbos.  I would like a more sturdy solution by buying an actual base plate or have one fabricated.

Auto Transport and Local Recommendation


1. I need to ship a 968 via closed car carrier from Nashville Tennessee to Los Angeles California. Can you recommended a good company to use?

2. Can you recommend a good company in Los angeles who does great re-upholstering in leather of seats? I want to redo the leather on the seats of a 968.



New purchase First Steps to Proper Care - 1993 / 968

Just purchased my first Porsche, I found a 1993 - 968, in great condition. I think i should have the right person go over my Vehicle from front to back, before i start taking trips across country. Are there a set of basics that i should sure and look at closely, I am looking for a shop in the Denton, Texas area. Told about Fifth Gear Automotive in Lewisburg, tx. Is there a price range for this type of overall service? THANKS Raymond

Insurance appraisal for 1995 968

I want to acquire stated value insurance. An appraisal of my 968 is required. How do I arrange for an appraisal of the 968? How do I proceed with arranging an appraisal? Thanks.

1994 968 10 Speaker Option (How to replace Door Speakers)

Hello, I have a 1994 (718) 968 Coupe with 10-speaker option.  I want to replace the door mounted (Arm rest) speakers.  How do I access them?  Does the grill come off or does the door card need to be removed?  What speakers fit?




Assuming I don't win the PCA Raffle - not holding my breath - I'm looking to move up from my 110K mile 1988NA 944 to a Porsche cabriolet in the $14K price range. I see very nice low to medium mileage 968s and Boxsters in same age/mileage/price. Had been focused on 968 but now wonder which 20 year old model (944 or 968 vs Boxster) might be more reliable, fewer problems at that age, less expensive to maintain. etc. This will be my 5th Porsche since my 356 back in 1966.



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