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968 Front Strut Conversion?

Any advice on converting the OE strut housing to accept Bilstein B6 inserts?  No problem paying a core charge to receive already modified housings. Alternately, is there a local (Cemtral/Northern California) facility that can perform the conversion?

968 Suspension Upgrade and Local Recommendation

I have a 1995 968 coupe, and want to upgrade my shock absorbers, springs and perhaps add a sway bar etc... I can't find much other than Bilstein B6 or Koni stock replacement. Can someone recommend shops in Los Angeles or products I can purchase?

968 front suspension coil

Hi, what is the difference between a normal coil and a sport coil. I can't find a normal coil as Porsche discontinued them and what I find on the Internet is always a lowering coil. I need to bring back my suspension to original height as I've got flared fenders and the tire is 1 inch higher in diameter. I bought this car 2 years ago and whoever lowered the car made it too low and I'm rubbing against the plastic inner wheel when I ride and the road is bumpy. I found a set of coils OEM Sport but I want to make sure before I buy



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