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968 Manual Transaxle Whining

Help with whining transaxle. Is there anything to do to help it. Or is there a used one around LSD transaxle at a good price ??

Need help Thanks

968 Tiptronic Rubber Damper Alternative

I have a 1994 968 with tiptronic, and the second rubber damper has now died (at 205,000 miles).  Can I install a clutch plate with metal springs (with no actuator) to replace the expensive, consumable, and difficult to access rubber damper?  If so, is it a direct bolt-in replacement, or are other mods required? 

968 Flywheel Issue

I have a 1992 968 Cabriolet that appears to have an issue with its dual-mass flywheel. Unfortunately, the aftermarket suppliers have dried up, and the only source for a new one is Porsche - Germany, and the price is ridiculous. I've located a possible source for a used flywheel, but would like to get specifics on rotational specs in terms of number of teeth and/or degrees. Any ideas? Or, for that matter, any thoughts on alternate sources?

95 968 Tiptronic Flexplate

I have a rattling sound when engaging the engine in drive or reverse. The rattling sound disappears when driving and appears again when idle. The rattling is less whenin neutral. I guess it is the flexplate that has gone bad. Can you recommend a technician or garage in southern Alabama able and competent to replave the flexplate. I assume a porsche dealer can do this but at very high cost. Can you please recommend mechnics passionate about classis Porsches, in my case a 968 convertible.



Pinion Bearing Failure???

What exactly are the sounds of the pinion bearing failure, what is the most cost effective longterm solution and are there any trustworthy shops in the greater SF bay area that can do it with conviction? If not what is the solution and would the kit 928 332 905 00, be the solution to the problem without changing all the syncros etc.  What is the current avg. cost of solving this issue.


Porsche 968 Coupe with Tiptronic


I am considering the purchase of a 1992 Porsche 968 Coupe with 4-speed Tiptronic transmission.  The owner said this particular car was a rare model 1 of 3 for 1992 in Violet Blue Metallic.  How can I see how many were made with Tiptronic vs. Standard Transmission?  Can I find other production information somewhere?




Tiptronic Fill Level

After changing the transmission filter I refilled the reservoir to a level between the min and max lines at the specified temperature:  85-100 deg.F.  I measured the amount of fluid that was drained out of the Xmission and the amount that I put back was very close to that amount..After the change I drove the car daily for a total of approximately 900 miles with no trouble.  I have not used the car for about a month and the ATF now fills the reservoir and leaks out of the reservoir cap.  I drained some fluid but the leak continues if the car sits unused.  Is it as simple as a bad gasket on t

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