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Wind screen for 2007 Boxster S

I just purchased a 2007 Boxster S.  I noticed and told the dealer (Porsche dealer) that it was missing the plexiglass windscreen that I have seen between the two headrests.  He said that model didnt come with that.   1) Is that true?   2) is there a good recommendation to buy/install one myself  and 3) would it make a big difference?

bike rack for 987 Boxster

Hello, anyone know where to buy a bike rack/trunk boot rack for bike transport for 2011 Boxster? 


Set outside temp to Fahrenheit

On a base '99, 986 how do you set the outside temp reading to Fahrenheit. The factory default is centigrade. 

Proper screws for 987 front license plate mount

I recently purchased an OEM front license plate bracket for my '07 Boxster S.  I bought the part #987‑701‑107‑00‑01C on line but it came with out hardware.  Can anyone tell me what the proper screw type and size is for this OEM bracket?  Also, is there any other hardware that should have been included?  Thanks


I recently purchased a new battery for my 2000 Boxster. Since I am the fifth owner, I never recieved the radio card with the Serial number and the four digit radio code. How do I obtain the four digit radio code so that I can continue to play the radio? I have the Porsche CDR 220 RADIO MODEL. I sent two emails to PORSCHE OF NORTH AMERICA. They completely ignored my inquiries. I heard no word from PORSCHE OF NORTH  AMERICA. I guess there was no money in it for them. Anyone who can help me in this matter, I would be very gratefull.

Bracket to mount the front license plate in the tow hook opening


I was at the P2O in Granville Ohio this weekend and saw several cars with what looked like very well made mounting brackets for the front license plate.  The bracket was screwed into the Tow hook opening. Would love to know the supplier where folks got these.  Thanks   David D   



Can I download the compass software

I noticed that my Boxster does not have a compass.  There is quite a bit online but my car doesn't have the option to choose it from Field 4.  Can a dealer install the software?

Where can I find autocross class info for small regions

Model: cayman s, Year:2006, Mileage:23000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
Where can I find autocross class info for small regions

battery maintainer

Model: Cayman, Year:07, Mileage:32000, Type of use:Street use only
I purchased a Porsche logo battery maintainer about 3 years ago for use on my 07 Cayman. I noticed that that the LED for the battery mode is no longer lighting.Therefore I don't know if it is working, Does anyone who repair this item or have I thrown $100 away? It has only been used in a dry garage & should last forever. It's marked "Made in China" this Porsche's idea of quality?


Model: Boxster S, Year:2009, Mileage:8000, Type of use:Street use only
CD Holder in Glove Box. Closed glove box door without looking with one CD holder in open position. Does anyone have knowledge of repair or replacement of the CD holder?


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