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Can multi-function be added to a 718 Boxster?

Hello all!
We have a 2019 Boxster S, PDK that has everything we want except the steering wheel multi-function.
Can this be installed?
If so; how complicated/difficult/expensive would this be?

Has anyone installed a 987 rear speaker kit?

I'm interested in installing the 986/987 Rear Speaker Kit available through Does anyone have experience with this? Trying to ascertain the degree of difficulty involved in the installation. Best left to professionals?

Convertible top repair issue?

I experienced a convertible top failure due to damaged push rods.  Took car to local dealer in early Dec for repairs.  Repairs still, after 2 months,  incomplete due to unavailability of parts anywhere.  Word from dealer "parts need to be fabricated in Germany, no ETA."  Extremely un-Porsche-like performance.  HELP!!!!!  Is the dealer correct?  Who can I contact to light a fire under delivery?  MOST FRUSTRATING THAT MY PORSCHE HAS BEEN UNAVAILABLE FOR 2 MONTHS.

NAV inoperative


I just purchased a 2008 Boxster RS 60 Spyder and tried to work NAV and it was inoperative.  I checked the NAV disc player in the frunk and inserted the disc.  It acted like it was working but NAV still inoperative.  Suggestions?  Car sold in NY, then to Texas, then to Arizona and finally to Maryland.  Any tricks other than a trip to the dealer to buy a new one?  Thanks, David




Is there a good Blue Tooth Audio solution for a 2008 Boxster S with Bose Package and no Phone Integration?

I am looking to upgrade my 2008 Boxster S' audio system to be blue toothe enabled / wireless phone integation. I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good strategy for this and / or aftermarket integration kit. I currently have the BOSE package with 6 disc changer. Thanks


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