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Convertible Top Overlap

Good Day all,

I have noticed that my Boxster's convertible top is starting to overlap on the plastic frame. The canvase is no longer seating properly in the grove where the frame bends with the window towards the back.This has started to happen on both the driver's side and passanger's side.

Car cover with battery maintainer

I have a Porsche battery maintainer and an indoor Porsche car cover.  Is there any problem with using the car cover while the battery maintainer is in use?

Convertible top lid doesn't close all the way on one side

I've got a 2008 Boxster S RS60.  When I put the top down, which is nearly all the time, the one side of the lid doesn't close all the way.  As I drive it eventually settles into the correct position.  I need some advice.  By the way, this car is amazing.  I'm coming from a 2003 Boxster S (986) that I still have and love.


Norm in South Central PA

Front bumper damper replacement following accident?


Following the T-bone maneuver on a minivan that pull out in front of me, bumper cover is gone, aluminum internal bumper is in pieces and the hood got slightly run over and buckled by the RR tire of the minivan. Impact was 20MPH. I'm pretty sure the insurance will total it but my plan is to buy it back and fix it. The question is that after such an impact, do the bumper shocks need replaced even if they popped back out to the proper length?

Front trunk will not open with switch.

Switch inside driver's door panel will not open front trunk. I tested the actuator by unplugging it from the actuator itself and hooking up to current from battery. Seems to be working. So I purchase a switch. Still not working. I can only assume it is in the wiring. Check the fuses, however did not check all fuses. Swapped rear trunk fuse and hooked up to front trunk connectors. Still opened the rear trunk. 

Any ideas? Is it the wiring? Any help on testing the wiring? etc. Anybody had same problem?

I need to repair the soft top of my Boxster

My window is cracked on the soft top... the fabric is otherwise in perfect condition.  What’s the recommended best approach to repair the window and do we have any preferred vendors in Denver Metro I can  get in touch with?   If possible I’d like to replace the clear window and keep the existing top... not sure if that is feasible.  

Wetness at the bottom of the drivers side door panel

Following heavey rain I have wetness along the bottom of the drivers side door (carpeted area), can anyone help with a reason why and a fix.

Which years Boxster do 986 hardtops fit?

My 1999 Boxster was totaled as a result of a fender bender. I want to replace it with another Boxster and since I kept the hardtop I would like it to fit its replacement. So which years will my top fit?


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