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Front trunk will not open with switch.

Switch inside driver's door panel will not open front trunk. I tested the actuator by unplugging it from the actuator itself and hooking up to current from battery. Seems to be working. So I purchase a switch. Still not working. I can only assume it is in the wiring. Check the fuses, however did not check all fuses. Swapped rear trunk fuse and hooked up to front trunk connectors. Still opened the rear trunk. 

Any ideas? Is it the wiring? Any help on testing the wiring? etc. Anybody had same problem?

I need to repair the soft top of my Boxster

My window is cracked on the soft top... the fabric is otherwise in perfect condition.  What’s the recommended best approach to repair the window and do we have any preferred vendors in Denver Metro I can  get in touch with?   If possible I’d like to replace the clear window and keep the existing top... not sure if that is feasible.  

Wetness at the bottom of the drivers side door panel

Following heavey rain I have wetness along the bottom of the drivers side door (carpeted area), can anyone help with a reason why and a fix.

Which years Boxster do 986 hardtops fit?

My 1999 Boxster was totaled as a result of a fender bender. I want to replace it with another Boxster and since I kept the hardtop I would like it to fit its replacement. So which years will my top fit?

2019 718 front radiator protection options?

I found several front radiator protection options.  Anyone using a method or vendor solution they recommend?

Front Water Drains

I understand that the Boxster has drain holes in the front of the car (maybe near the battery tray?). However, I cannot seem to locate them. I would like to be sure they are clean and free flowing. Any advise on how to find them? Do I need to remove the battery? As always, thanks for putting up with all our crazy questions.

Boxster Hardtop Compatibility

I am surplusing a 2002 boxster hardtop - what year Boxsters would this fit?

Rear wing will not deploy with switch

Rear wing will not deploy using switch
The rear wing on my 2007 987 Boxster deploys at speed but  will not extend by operating the dash mounted switch.  The fact that it operates at all seems to  eliminate a fuse as the issue. Might it be the switch, or some other cause ?



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