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Rear trunk lid does not open with key or lever inside car

rear lid does not open with key or lever inside car, works off and on, front lid works with no issues, has anyone else had this problem.

Tow bolt thread size for 2000 boxster basic. The bolt that came with the car will not thread in. Do they have different size bolts for 2000.

The tow bolt that came with the car will not thread into the frame. The bolt threads are to big. The one in the frame are small. Did Porsche make different ones for 2000? Do I have the wrong bolt for a 2000? The bolt is a knuckle thread. Please advise.

How to remove the convertible top on the 2011 Boxster (987.2)

I need to install a new hardtop for my 2011 Boxster S. Will I need to remove the convertible top (temporarily) to acess the attachment site for the new bolts for the Spinlocks? I have searched many forums but can't find this information, or how to actually do it. I am an average home auto mechanic (and do a lot of the maintenace for my 1990 C2). Would I be wise to tackle this myself (there is some satisfaction in doing so)?

Repair '99 Boxster Rear Window

I just noticed a couple of very fine cracks at the fold, near the edge, of my rear window... Is there any way to keep this from spreading?

1999 Boxster rear spoiler will go up/down manually, but not automatically. Any ideas?

The rear spoiler on my Boxster will go up and down using the switch in the fuse box, but does not work automatically. What should I be looking at first to fix this problem?



Convertible top will not shut down when reaches fully open or closed

I have a 98 Boxster and the convertible top rod ends broke. Common problem and I put new ends on, and discovered the top does not stop trying to operate when it reaches fully open or closed. As long as you hold the switch it keeps running. The micro switches at the b pillar and the clamshell both work, good ground connections under the seat. Have not seen one do this before. Leaning towards the double relay, but wondered if anyone has seen this before.



How do I remove the spoiler? Looking to replace with an aftermarket "duck" tail

I am looking to replace my current, stock spoiler with an aftermarket carbon fiber duck tail type spoiler. However, I do not see how to remove the stock spoiler! I see there are holes beneath the spoiler on the backside, but I dont feel/see a screw.


paint care

I'm the proud new owner of a black 2012 Boxster. The car is in great shape but there are swirl marks I would like to remove. I'm a DYI type of guy and am looking for suggestions on products and techniques. Thanks!

Replacement convertible top for Boxster

My original convertible top has some issues... a small tear in the foggy rear plastic window and a small hole near the center of the top. It doesn't appear to leak, but I would like to replace the whole thing. My mechanic said he had seen replacement tops that even have a glass rear window, which would be great if that is true. I have looked, but maybe not enough. Any direction to find a replacement top would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Convertable relays?

hey guys, i'm hoping someone can help me. i'm trying to figure out whats happened to the soft top on my 2007 Base model. I'm thinking its a relay but can't find the damn thing. a little background on the issue. bought the car with the understanding that the soft top didn't work. i've ordered a new motor thinking that may solve the issue, sadly it didn't. replaced the microswitch at the front latch assembly with no luck.


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