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screeching noise

<p>Yesterday I was out for a Sunday drive in the Boxster, top down crusin with my wife. All is well. after about 100 miles driven and after stopping about 50 miles from home we got in the car to return home. Then it happened. I drove about 1/2 mile and this ungodly screeching was coming from the right front of the car. Never had this before. Pulled over got out and inspected the wheel, brake caliper and under the car and all looked normal. Got back in and drove off and the sound didn't return.

Brake flush for DE

PCA Potomac requires a brake flush every 90 for standard and 180 days for racing brake fluid for HPDE participation.  Is this a local Potomac rule or PCA?  From my perspective this is overkill to make sure the brake fluid does not have too much moisture.  Don't need to be told that brake fluid is hygroscopic, but 90 or 180 days seems to be completely arbitrary.  You can buy a relatively cheaper tester to determine brake fluid moisture content.  Anything above 2 or 2.5% should be changed.  Why can't testing the brake fluid for moisture content be an alternative to arbitraritly flushing the f

brake dust shields

The wide wheels on my Boxster collect brake dust on the inside of the rims.  Cleaning with a brush and soapy water makes in inside of the rims look nice for about five miles of in town driving which requires frequent application of the brake. 

Should I replace or resurface rotors

Is the proper procedure to replace the rotors when servicing the front brakes? Pads down below 4MM, dealer says to replace rotors - makes for an expensive first time brake job on a 21K mile car. No vibration under pedal today.

Is it necessary to always replace rotors when replacing brake pads?

My brake pads wear indicator light just came on.   Took it to dealer who said they generally always suggest replacing the rotors when replacing the pads.   That's sounds $trange to me.  I am sure if they were real worn, sure.  But 'always'?






Refinishing 987.2 base brake calipers

Hi, I'm wondering if there is a preferred method for refinishing black anodized brake calipers. My car is in overall great shape with exception of the brake calipers which have faded to silver, and the wheel lugs which are accumulating a bit of rust in spots.   I've searched the blogs and have seen multiple recommendations for painting in red.  However, I'd like to keep my little Boxster stock.  I'm attaching a picture:

Thanks for any assistance!  Sincerely, John

981 Boxster S - Questions about changing rear brake rotors

Now that the 981/991 cars with the electric parking brake have been around for awhile I am hoping someone has an answer to a couple of questions.

I have been studying the 981 WSM and noticed two things on which I would appreciate some input.

1) In order to replace the rear rotors the electronic parking brake must be put in the "service position".  Of course the WSM says to use the PIWIS Tester to do so.  Is there another solution, such as Durametric, or something "onboard" (for example, my Mercedes has a means of doing this using an "onboard" system).

987 Brake pad sensors. When to replace?

Getting ready to replace front brake pads and rotors.  Shop recommends replacing wear sensors as well.  Neccessary or just overly zealous/cautious?


Boxster squealing

There is  a squeal coming from the driver side rear of the car. Sounds like metal on metal. Sound starts about 15mph and stays the same after that. It does not change when weaving side to side or when appling the brakes. Sound is not engine rpm related, Sound stops abruptly when you slow to about 14 mph. Brake pads look ok as do the rotors. my mechanic sanded a spot on one of the rotors and the sound went away for about 200 miles. Then it came back. He suggests replacing the rear brake pads. I am at a loss.

Brake suggestion for Boxster S 2005

I have a 2005 Boxster S and my mechanic suggsted that I change my brakes as they have like 5-7 K left. hat brakes should I get? ones from the dealer or does someone have a better option or manufacturer/site I should get them from. I am not a fan of dealer prices!


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