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Caliper Detail?

April 2020 Good Morning: I am a reatively new Porsche owner ( 1 year ) and wanted to have my calipers painted or wrapped? Recommendations? Thank You JIM



Paint: I want to repaint my break calipers

Looks like my nice red calapers need a new paint job, what is the Proper paint, Is there a how to video maybe?

What is my brake caliper from?

Hello there, so I have a 2013 Boxster with yellow brake calipers. I purchased the car used and I'm unsure of the history. I know that my VIN did not come with PCCB from the factory, and I have steel rotors at the moment. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?



Low Dust Brake Pads

I need low dust brake pads (front and rear). I searched this site and read where someone on this site recommended Akebono but they don't make them for my car. Any other suggestions? Really would appreciate help on this one!

What could be causing and how can I eliminate brake squeak from only the right front brake at low speeds on a 718 Boxster? This noise only occurs when the brakes are warm and when coming to a complete stop.

The issue I am having is a driver side front brake becoming very noisy when coming to a complete stop.  This noise only occurs when the brakes have heated up and at low speeds when almost stopped.  Over the phone the dealer said this was normal but this just recently started and the other 3 brakes make no noise at all.  Thanks for any advice or direction.


I've been told that my car needs an ABS Pressure Monitor Sw Stability Management. They've said that it is only available in Germany and they will have to send for it. Does this seem possible?

I took my car to a repair shop (not a dealership) to see if they could get the PCM failure light to go out. When they put it on their computer they found 4 faults: 4421, 4420, 4401, and 4400. These are Rate of turn and lateral acceleration sensor faults. They said the lateral acceleration sensor has failed and it is only available from Germany. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do about it?

does anyone know where i can buy/ rent a PST2 ?

replacing my brake master cylinder and need to use a PST2. Does anyone have/ or used one and where can I buy/ rent one?

986 ABS Pump for Boxster S 2004


My car is a 2004 S with the PSM option. In my search for replacing (what my mechanic believes to be) a faulty ABS pump, I have realized I have some confusion regarding what pump is the correct one to buy. I downloaded the parts catalogue and the part seems to be 986 355 955 42. All of the parts I can find are 986 355 755 XX.

I just had a PSM failure light come on. Should I take it to the dealer immediately or can I drive with it on?

I was driving home from church and I had a PSM failure light come on. It's been on for 3 days. Should I take it to the dealer now or can it wait until my 30,000 mile check-up?

Will 2003 Boxster S Brakes fit on '03 Base with 16" factory wheels?

I am thinking about upgrading my brake calipers and rotors on my Boxster base with factory Boxster S model parts.  Will they fit with my stock 16" wheels and will I need to change any other brake parts for this to work?  This is my daily driver and even though current brakes are excellent, better brakes are, well, better.  I appreciate any input on this. 


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