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How to turn the CD player on?

I have a 6 CD cassette in the front truck.  I loaded it with CD's, but I can't figure out how to turn the player on from inside the car.  Help!

Can multi-function be added to a 718 Boxster?

Hello all!
We have a 2019 Boxster S, PDK that has everything we want except the steering wheel multi-function.
Can this be installed?
If so; how complicated/difficult/expensive would this be?

987 Roof Clamshell tension cable ball joint difficult to disconnect.

I am trying to access the engine on my 2008 987 Boxster.  However, I am not able to disconnect one of the tension cables from the roof's clamshell.  One side of the roof's clamshell, the ball joint was disconnected easily with just a little bit of force required simply pulling on the ball joint's stem.    On the other side, I am unable to disconnect the ball joint.  I have tried wiggling the joint, different orientations, and applying a considerable amount of pressure, without success

Front trunk will not open with switch.

Switch inside driver's door panel will not open front trunk. I tested the actuator by unplugging it from the actuator itself and hooking up to current from battery. Seems to be working. So I purchase a switch. Still not working. I can only assume it is in the wiring. Check the fuses, however did not check all fuses. Swapped rear trunk fuse and hooked up to front trunk connectors. Still opened the rear trunk. 

Any ideas? Is it the wiring? Any help on testing the wiring? etc. Anybody had same problem?

Signs of shifter cable beginning to fail?

I would like to preventatively swap my shifter cables to the numeric racing option so I don't get stranded and can drive it hard without concern of that failing. I'm wondering if there are any signs of the stock cable starting to go before it actually snaps? It seems to shift totally fine right now. I am scheduled to go to the Sept 8th HPDC event at Summit point and wondering if I should have the cable swapped before then. Since it's not a proper DE or AutoX event, I think itll be fine, but curious.


Indicator lights

Center console lower switches for sport and spoiler have orange indicator lights that are barely visible. Similar switches (like or recirc) have lights that are much brighter. Can I fix this? Thanks Pedro.

Shifter cable breakage

Hello, am looking for a trusted referreal to fix shifter cable that has broken again, second time in 3 years. Am not sure why it keeps happening, any insight or knowledge that may provide some answers would be great. I am in the Los Angeles area, trusted Porsche body shop to fix, if you know of any one? Thank you. 



front hood

Model: boxster, Year:1999, Mileage:33000, Type of use:Street use only
Front hood will not open. Lever in car appears to have lost or stretched the cable. Is there secret way to open the hood?Boxster 1999

OEM Short Shift Kit Installation

Vehicle Information: Model (Boxster, Boxster S,Cayman, Cayman S): Cayman S; Year: 2006; Engine (type, size, modifications): 3.4; Total Mileage: 8000; Transmission: Manual;


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