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Resetting Anti-theft code on '97 Boxster

I acquired a '97 Boxster S from the origoinal owner two years ago.

The body and mechanicals were outstanding and have been updated. 

The factory installed radio is a listed as a CDR 210. The radio worked perfectly once the factory provide ant-left code (1530) was entered.

Following recent service work where the battery was disconnected, the anti-theft code needed to be re-entered.

Three attempts were made, all presumably with the factory code (1530). All failed. Now only the phrase "WAIT" appears. No code can be entered!

CR 220 radio code not working

Good Day,

I recently purchased this Boxster and it seems the radios code was incorrectly too many times and now the head unit is locked.

Now that I have the code from tHe dealer when I enter the last digit all the asterisks illuminate again.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

Oil level sensor shows empty when oil level is correct

The oil level sensor guage appears whenever the car is filled with gas, but now it shows the oil level to be at the very bottom on empty. Oil pressure seems to be fine. Luckily my 2000 Boxster S has a dip stick which indicates that the oil is actually at the correct level. This has never occured before.

Burnt ECU

Car was running and driving perfectly on the second drive in May after taking it out of storage.  Engine stalled and it felt as if the fuel had been turned off.  Engine would turn over but no fire.  Towed in to shop and diagnosed with a burnt ECU (ECM).  Replaced ECU with a used one that was reprogrammed along with both keys and and the alarm module.  Shop could not find a cause for the burnt ECU.  Replaced the battery as it was 4 years old and I had boosted it a couple of times last year. The car ran great again for a couple of runs and then would not start or even turn over.

drl not working

<p>2002 base boxster the drl do not come on when key turned on. Changed drl double relay fixed drls but now all the lights come on when key turned on. Changed headlight switch.</p>

<p>Still the same problem all the headlights come on except high beams. They come on when selected. I have an ignition switch on order and I was wondering if&nbsp; a defective ignition switch would have any effect on the headlights?&nbsp;</p>

No start, cold or hot

Hi. My completely stock 1999 986 automatic occasionally fails to turn over with no sound at all. Moving the gear selector to neutral sometimes works but certainly not always. While it sometimes happens cold, the problem happens more frequently when warm. Thanks in advance for your help.

What is the correct battery size for my model


What is the correct(OEM) size battery for the base tip 01 car?  If politically correct, can you recommend a brand.


Replacement of Stereo head unit

Hello All,

I'm interested in changing out my radio head unit for a more modern one. Does anyone know of a good head unit that's a plug and play? Pulling the old unit out is pretty easy but I hate the thought of cutting up the wiring harness (3 plugs) and trying to sort out what wire goes where. Plus is would be nice to see a good fit or where I could buy a trim kit. 

Any help would be appreciated!!!

What kind of bulb can replace the H7 headlight to give whiter light?

I'm looking to replace the H7 headlight bulbs with something whiter and brighter for both low and high beams.  What is the best bulb available?

Is there only a Driver side Rear Fog Light?

My 2008 987-1 has both front and rear fog lamps selectable from the rotary headlight switch.

I noticed that only the drivers side rear fog lamp illuminates. After pulling both tail lights to investigate, I see that only the drivers side tail light has a wire to feed the rear fog lamp. The passenger side tail light does not have any wire feeding the fog lamp.

Is there a reason for this? Is there a fog protocol that I am unaware of?

~Onward, through the fog.


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