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I have an error message that says steering support limited possible to drive on. Any ideas on how to get rid of it


Any ideas on how to get rid of the" steering support limited possible to drive on" message. I'm assuming the battery was likely disconnected duringa recent  repair. I read about a procedure which calls for the steering angle sensor to be reinitialized. I tried the procedure and it did not get rid of the message.

The recommended procedure calls  for switching ignition on and off twice

Start engine

from straight ahead position turn steering wheel approx. 20 degrees to the right

Drive the vehicle straight ahead at a speed above 2.5 mph

Radio Code


Cannot locate radio code anywhere in vehicle.  Called local dealership and was told because of Covid 19 they're not allowed to get in my vehicle.  Is there any way I can retrieve the radio code without pulling the radio?  Any help is appreciated.


2002 Boxster S- strange starting issues

Hi All, My 2002 Boxster S has been stored for the winter for about 5 months on a battery tender. On first start this spring- turn the key, allow fuel pump to cycle and oil level to register on dash. On start-up, the engine runs very rough with variable idle speed until it stalls- almost seems like it isn't firing on all cylinders. Plenty of smoke that smells like fuel comes from the exhaust, but no CEL on dash. Here's the tricky part though- if I remove the key after the first attempt, reinsert and turn the key and start- it starts right up as normal and runs perfectly.

fault engine control possible to drive on, what can this be?

Gentlemen, good evening! question i own a 2014 Porsche boxster base with 19,800 miles mostly driven on weekends. As I started the car yesterday my check engine light came on "Fault engine control possible to drive on" what can this be? can the car be driven? Thank you and looking forward to your responses.

PCM reboots every 5 minutes, navigation not loading........?

Navigation, maps not loading and entire PCM system reboots every 5 minutes.  Turns itself off and on!   Have attempted to reload maps and nav many times with no joy. I assume this is a firmware issue, can this be fixed by me or must I visit the service center at the nearest dealer and hour away and what is involved when remedied?

Dim low beam headlights

2001 Boxster - low beam headlights are very dim. High beams and fogs are working normally. There does not seem to be any brightening while accelerating or at idle, they are not projecting much light, having to use fogs to assist in driving at night. Any ideas?


Convert Bi-Xenon OEM Headlight module with a LED OEM headlight module on 2018 718 Boxster S

I have a 2018 718 Boxster S and would like to replace the base OEM Bi-Xenon headlight assemblies with Porsche OEM LED assemblies which were an upgraded option. I do not want to simply install an LED conversion bulb in my existing assembly, I would like to install the actual OEM LED modules.   I can't seem to find any information on whether or not this is possible.  Can this be done or is this only possible if the car was manufactured with the LED upgrade option?

Cayman fog lamp swap to Boxster: Is it 'Plug and Play'?

Need expertise to determine whether front fog and running lamps are interchangeable between a Cayman and a 987 Boxster. Thanks for any help you can provide

Apple Car Play

I was wondering if there is a way to install Apple Car Play in the current system I have in the car?  Can I do this via software upgrade or do I need to purchase a new head unit?  

As I’m sure you know the phone is via Bluetooth and I have a cable to plug into my phone to listen to music.  It is a touch screen but, would be more convenient to have Apple Car Play for other apps.

Thank you

Tail light lens spot removal needed

Marks on tail light lens,looks like smeared and some small circles clouded looking


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