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Drivers window stops working

The drivers window has stopped working, but re-activates for a short time (minutes or less) when you pull the fuse and reset it.  I installed a new micro switch on the outside handle with out fixing the problem.  When the fuse is pulled, both windows stop working, but when you put it back in the drivers window will work for a short time then stop, but the passenger side window works fine.  When the drivers window is working, it functions properly until is stops.  When it stops, it could be because you opened the door, opened the top, or just time?  Can't figure it out. Thanks.

Does anyone have any experience with a product called Sprint Booster?

Does anyone have any experience with a product called Sprint Booster? The company claims it can modify the throttle response time of the throttle dody.

Driver and Passenger side windows open while the top is closed


Windows open 1/3 while driving with the top closed.  After closing and driving for a couple of minute windows open 1/3 again.

Seems like the top opening mechenism is detfective?  Apprecite any suggestion.


Low beam / high beam lights stopped working, any suggestions?

My lights don't come on now, has anyone experienced this?  Have researched and came up with a possible bad light switch, is this easy enough to replace?  Any other suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

Changing front driving light to daytime running lights.

I would like to replace the stock front driving/fog lights with LED. I would like to turn the front driving lights to daytime running lights. Is there a way to modify the relays or wiring so the front driving lights are on any time the car is running or ignition on?

The battery keeps draining within a couple pf days.

So my battery(Brand New) in my 2000 Boxster is dead after a few days of not driving it.  The ignition/key hole has been giving me some issues for a while and was wondering if it could be connected. Any thoughts?  Not sure where to begin or look. 


Thank you,



L side parking light will not turn on


L parking lights (in front headlight cluster, rear taillight cluster and front side marker light) will not turn on.  I have replaced small bulb in L taillight but no luck.  40K miles ago car had L front collision resulting in F bumper replacement along with L grille and oil cooler.  I don't know if the lights worked before or after the collision as I just recently bought the car.  The A4 7.5A fuse was missing so I replaced it but still no luck.  There are no automotive electrical shops where the car is.

possible cause of window drop failure

Help.  Passenger window fails to drop to clear roof with both inside and outside door handles.  Drivers side works as planned.  Regulator cables are tight without slack.  Pedros push down the window test passes.  No free play.  No motor noise when lifting outer door handle.  Micro switch on outer door handle shows continuity with multimeter when lifting outer door handle.  Plug connector feed to door lock blue w white strip (assumed +) to brown (assumed ground) shows approx 4v at rest (??) and +12V (battery volt) when outer door handle is lifted.  Squeezing/wiggle connector to door lock cau

Upgrading radio to add Bluetooth

Want to upgrade the original radio to one with blue tooth. 

Key re-programming

Can anyone give any guidance on re-programming keys? I have been told by Porsche that re-programming can only be done at a dealership, as they are the only ones with the software required to do so. I've also been told that an independent shop can doi it if they have the software. I have tried the suggested steps, as in turning the ignition to the ON position and holding the unlock button to re-synchronize the keyless entry system. That did not work. The alarm is going off quite frequrently.


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