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Another passenger window issue

I'm having a random issue with my passenger window in my Boxster.  When opening the door (from inside or outside) the window will drop the 1/4" to clear the roof like it should.  The issue is that sometimes once the door is opened the window will pop back up.  This is obviously an issue because when I shut the door the window is hitting the roof.  I can make the window go back down the 1/4" by touching the inside or outside door handle but once I release it the window goes back up.  I'm assuming there is some sensor that tells the window to stay down until the door is closed that is having

Ignition Switch Spinning

When I went to start the car yesterday, I had trouble getting the key into the ignition switch and then a hard time getting the key to turn. When it did finally turn, the key turned almost 360 degrees in the cylinder. When I went to turn the car off, I could get only a partial turn and when the key came out, the car was still running. I got the car to turn off, but when I got back in and started the car, I had no headlights, no A/C fan and no defroster front or rear. Is this a simple matter of just replacing the ignition switch?

CEL P1133 2000 Boxster S 61000 miles

Had the 2 post Cat 02 sensors replaced 500 miles, now flashing codes P1126 and P 1133.  2000 Boxster S 61,000 I am the original owner.



Key stuck, won’t start or crank

First dead battery then key gets stuck after new battery replaced.  Key gets stuck when turn to 1st or 2nd position.  Key is fine when in “0” position (will not get stuck).  Car started normally after battery was replaced, but with stuck key all the time.  Now it will not start or crank after leaving it parked for over a week without starting.  The new battery is always plugged into an external maintainer.  Everything works normal with the key fob.  All dash indicators lights up normally.  Doors, hood & truck open normally.

over coming electrical failure lock out

Battery failed...completely discharged....hood or deck lids in operable...key locked in ignition......fuse box in left foot well does not have red tab for charging latch there a cigarette light adapter which might work....cannot reach manual cable relese in front... and cannot access tow hook as it is in secured

Adding original CD Changer compatibility check


I have a 2003 Boxster (non S) without CD changer. I want to add a used cd changer, ideal for long rides and i want to keep the car original. The dealer charges me 1500$ for the 000.044.900.72 part wich is way too expensive.

Battery trickle chargers


Just purchased a 2016 low mileage Boxster GTS.  Since this car will not be an everyday car and may sit at times for more than a few days should I invest in a battery trickle charger?  If so what should I look for?  and is hookup easy to do.  Thanks



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