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How to get the cell phone to work on a 2006 boxer with Factory Navigation

The Factor Navigation system has a SIM card that is not used with the new phone;  is there a work around that can be used to get the phone to work?

Will not lock with key

When I press the lock button on the key fob the doors lock then immediately unlock and the horn beeps twice. If I insert the key in the lock and turn it to the right it also seems to lock and unlock immediately but beeps four times. The central lock button on the dash works fine. The car battery was recently replaced and the locking has not worked correctly since then. The front and rear trunks open correctly as normal with the key remote.

What's going on?

Remote-control key issue

After changing battery in remote control keys there is an issue with one of the keys. One key operates properly. Other key does not. Key not operating properly does not open or lock doors, front lid or rear lid. Changed batteries, still does not operate properly.  Diode flashes rapidly when pressing central locking button, front lid button, or rear lid button. There is no indication that the car locking system receives signal from the key. How do I activate this key?



PCM 3.0 Update Question

I just purchased my 2010 Boxster S with Navigation. I've been looking for the most recent software updates for both the PCM 3 and the navigation. I believe I'm currently on 1.40 

Rear wing will not deploy with switch

Rear wing will not deploy using switch
The rear wing on my 2007 987 Boxster deploys at speed but  will not extend by operating the dash mounted switch.  The fact that it operates at all seems to  eliminate a fuse as the issue. Might it be the switch, or some other cause ?


Door lock problems

Hi. My 2001 Boxster S has a issue with the driver door lock. I think I know what the problem and have a replacement piece located. Until I can get the part and space to work on the car I need a solution. The car is grange kept so I want to disengage the power locks or at lest the mechanism that locks them at 10 mph. Is there a fuse or do I have to go to a dealer to reset the code? I have read that the auto lock sensing can be set to a higher mph is that true? I will get this fixed properly but am tired of getting out of my passenger door in the interim. Thanks


Another passenger window issue

I'm having a random issue with my passenger window in my Boxster.  When opening the door (from inside or outside) the window will drop the 1/4" to clear the roof like it should.  The issue is that sometimes once the door is opened the window will pop back up.  This is obviously an issue because when I shut the door the window is hitting the roof.  I can make the window go back down the 1/4" by touching the inside or outside door handle but once I release it the window goes back up.  I'm assuming there is some sensor that tells the window to stay down until the door is closed that is having


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