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Engine stalls in second gear

My 2006 Boxster Base loses power when down gearing to second.  It comes back after revering the engine when the clutch is engaged.  Can anyone explain why this is happening?

HELP!!! 98 Boxster Bucking/Misfires at various throttle ranges

Hello, I have been scouring multiple forums to try and find a fix for this issue but am not having any luck.

98 Porsche Boxster with 96k miles

Surging and bucking under various throttle loads
Some smoke from tailpipe
Increased fuel consumption

oil analysis for 2003 986 IMS bearing assessment

I recently purchased a 2003 986 with 64k miles on the clock. The car has incomplete service records and the CarFax report lists two clutch jobs. One at 21k and the second at 47k. Both listings suggest there was some engine work done but don't list anything regarding an IMS bearing inspection or replacement. The previous owner changed the oil prior to the sale so I'm thinking I should drive the car for a bit before taking an oil sample to send in for analysis. How many miles do you recommend I put on the current oil before taking a sample?

Engine running issue

After replacing the AOS I recieved a check engine light. This happened about 150 miles after the replacement. The scan tool read out P0174 and P0171 and the faults were reset. Online resarch led me to believe that there might be an air leak. I checked my work ond found two hoses that were not fully engaged. After fixing them, I started the car and it would not run. If I gave some gas it would run but was very rough and backfired. No check engine light. Thinking it may be a failed MAF sensor, I tried a known good one and there was no change in the running.

car fax data

i am looking at 2010 boxster-looks great-fair price-carfax has 5 owners and 27 service calls in 10 years, some of the service is seveal months consecutive indicating never got it right and engine powertrain computer service is cited 6 times.  should i run away from this car?

How can I tell if my engine was swapped?

I recently purchased a 2005 Boxster S.  I brought the car to a Porsche mechanic to have some work done.  When the car was up on the lift, he noticed some red/pink paint on the bottom of the engine.  He thought it might be an indication of the engine being swapped out by Porsche as a result of the IMS lawsuit.  How can I tell if this is a swapped out engine?  The engine No. M967 2662508034  VIN: WP0CB29885S730682.  If this is in fact a swapped out engine, what now is the likelyhood of an IMS failure with this engine as opposed to the original?

P1128 & P1130

Hi, I've a question of my 986 which is in fine shape but has the codes of 1128 and 1130. I recently had a shop clean and service the MAF along with oil change, a new air filter, and so on. The shop cleaned it with alcohol. But the light went on again about 30 minutes in my drive back home. The shop did tell me to keep them posted about the engine light. What should be my next steps? 


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