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Direct fuel injection issues

Hi Pedro. Have read and seen pix on the internet of some DFI damage to cylinder heads. Are there any preventative measures I should be following? Thanks and regards, Andrew

How do I reset my oil service light after changing the oil in my 2014 Boxster?

Hi Folks.  I have a 2014 Boxster, bought brand new, and love it.  I've been having the dealer perform all the service, but I'd like to start doing the minor servicing myself.  Things like changing the oil, etc.  I'm pretty handy, but I can't figure out how to reset the service indicator.  Do I need to purchase a diagnostic box to perform those resets?  If so, which do you recommend?  Thanks in advance...

IMS Bearing is there a way to find out if it’s been replaced

I just purchased a 19997 Porsche’s boxter with 68000 and I keep reading about the IMS bearing. 

I have never owned s Porsche before, I’ve had meany luxury cars in my life but this one,  I dearly love. And then of course you start reading about them. Start reading all this bearing issues. It makes you think you shouldn’t be driving it.

Knowing it’s not worth putting that money into it, I would for the peace of mind knowing it’s done... but is there a way to know if it’s been replaced. I also have the automatic transmission 



Engine Oil Temperature during HPDE

I track my 2014 Boxster S w/PDK + Sport Chrono quite frequently and I'm concerned about oil temperatures.  I was at COTA for a 3-day HPDE event in June.  The ambient temps were 100-106F during that weekend.  I noticed oil temps reaching 275F on most runs.  Coolant temps were within normal operating range (nanny-pegged to 194), and oil pressures also within normal operating range, though nearing the high end at high RPMs.  I have never experienced any warning indicators and no perceived loss of performance or other heat-related issues. 

Is there any merit to an upgraded lower oil pan on a 986 Boxster S?

While I have the lower case cover off and the car is up for the winter, is there any merit or advantage to replacing the pan with one with better baffles?

Any opinions or experiences?

Limp mode at exact same corner during DE

After completing corner 5c at Mosport, the Boxster's PDK seems to shift hard between corners 6 & 7 with it going into limp mode 3 time over the last year. Go into the pits and turn the engine on and back on and limp mode goes away. Has happened when track conditions have been both hot and cold. This corner is the only place it has ever gone into this mode. Is the engine starved for oil or is it a PDK issue, or something completely different? The 21K milage is in kms.

Engine and Transmission number locations

Where are the engine and transmission numbers located? I am trying to fill out a CoA.

2012 Boxster S Air Intake

I'd like to add more performance to my Boxster.  I installed a Fabspeed race exhaust which is nice but loud in my opinion.  I've read about air induction options and wonder if someone here has some experience and opinions.  I'd like to remove the driver side vent and restrictions and at the same time concerned about damaging the vent on removal.  I think a good option is to remove the plastic cover will force more air into the engine and on the other side, (passenger side), I can force some cold air into the engine compartment.  I imagine Porsche has them restricted for a reason.   What col


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