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Use New API SP Oil in 2009 Boxster S?

2009 Boxster S has direct fuel injection (DFI).  I have been using dealer-spec Mobil One Full Synthetic 0W-40, which has the API "SN" spec,  There is a new API "SP" oil spec designed to minimize low speed pre-ignition (and fuel dilution) in DFI engines.  However, their web site indicates that 2020 and older engines should use the SN spec.

Is buying a 2007 Boxster S with 160,000 miles a bad idea?

I'm looking to finally getting my first Porsche, and have been patiently waiting for the right one.

I know have the option of buying a 2007 boxster s (manual) with 160,000 miles.The car seems to be in good condition and only in its second owner. 

This won't be a daily driver for me, but I do plan on doing HDPE events and fun runs to the grocery store.

Is this a bad idea? Anything specific to look out for, or preventative maintenance to address?



Correct oil

I have a 2006 Boxster Base. I change the oil myself and I purchase Mobil 1 for European Models. I purchase it through Amazon. Is that the correct oil

Boxster 987 Engine Longevity

I have a 2005 Boxster Base with 149,000 miles. I manintain all our cars meticulously, the Boxster oil/filter has been changed twice a year regardless of miles, brake fluid every two years, sparl plugs every 50K miles, tire pressure checked weekly, use best gasoline, fuel system cleaner every 3 months, all fluids checked at every fill up, etc. The Boxster enigine and gear box run strong and the car is a joy to drive. I use the car as Porsche intended but never abuse it.

When I started our car it made a bubbly knocking sound then ran fine :S

Hey everyone, 

Please excuse my ignorance & silly sounding discription.

The other day when I started our car it made a strange bubbly, knocking sound. When I drove off it ran fine.  

Tonight when I tried to start it, it made a similar sound and did not start. I tried again and it did not turn over. I tried again and it started. I drove home and it ran nice.

Any ideas on what should be checked? I do not see any warning check lights.

Thank you for the help & time :) 



I need to know the part # for the OEM Porsche IMS Ceramic Bearing Kit introduced in 2017 for my 2000 Boxster S

According to a recent article in Panorama, "Porsche chose to use a ceramic ball bearing for their replacement IMS Bearing Kit released in 2017 which uses a sealed 6204 Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearing with 52100 steel races and sintered silicone nitride balls."  I have been searching for hours on the internet but can't seem to find the kit nor the Porsche part # for my 2000 Boxster S.  

Can you help me find the correct part?

My direct email:

Thank you so much!

why is it important to change oil every year despite the mileage?

My car has low miles with only about 2K miles per year and both the owners manual and dealer recommend annual oil change yearly but not sure why?  


Engine stalls in second gear

My 2006 Boxster Base loses power when down gearing to second.  It comes back after revering the engine when the clutch is engaged.  Can anyone explain why this is happening?

HELP!!! 98 Boxster Bucking/Misfires at various throttle ranges

Hello, I have been scouring multiple forums to try and find a fix for this issue but am not having any luck.

98 Porsche Boxster with 96k miles

Surging and bucking under various throttle loads
Some smoke from tailpipe
Increased fuel consumption

oil analysis for 2003 986 IMS bearing assessment

I recently purchased a 2003 986 with 64k miles on the clock. The car has incomplete service records and the CarFax report lists two clutch jobs. One at 21k and the second at 47k. Both listings suggest there was some engine work done but don't list anything regarding an IMS bearing inspection or replacement. The previous owner changed the oil prior to the sale so I'm thinking I should drive the car for a bit before taking an oil sample to send in for analysis. How many miles do you recommend I put on the current oil before taking a sample?


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