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I used to drive my 1987 3.2L Targa very briskly, and never had any engine problems. Can I drive my new 2012 Boxster S in the same fashon?  Has the 9A1 engine proven to be robust? Thank you.

Oil change for winter storage

Wondering whether it's best to change oil in my car before putting it away for the winter or after taking it out of storage.   I drive the car about 2500 miles a year and up to now have been changing oil in spring.  If I have the oil changed in fall before 4 month storage I would usually drive it for 5 miles from the shop to my garage. 

Changing Oil after DE

I have a base 2009 with PDK.  Just added Sport and Sport+.  Plan on doing three or four DEs this year.  Running Mobil One.  Should I change oil more often?  Should I change to a pure racing oil for the DE?  I understand the racing oil has more wear additives but less corrosion preventative requiring more frequent changes.  Should I send the oil for testing?



John Carson

Intermediate shaft bearing in 2000 Boxster made in Findland

How can I find out which bearing is in my car - single or double ball bearing in intermediate shaft?

Should I be concerned about the IMS bearing?

VIN WP0CB29825S730693   Mobil 1 oil change once a year or every 10k miles. Runs excellent, no engine noises.  Unknown maintenance for the first 50k miles.

Spark Plugs & AOS

Tow questions.

At what mileage should I worry about changing the spark plugs?

I am noticing a bit of white smoke on morning start up. Should I be concerned about replacing the AOS immediatley? Thanks for your help.

Can I replace one catalytic converter vs both. 08 Boxster

I had some damage to the passenger side catalytic converter and the insurance company will only replace the one side.  Do I need to worry about anything by only replacing one side?  Don't these  capture contaminants that reduce airflow so by only replacing one side wil that l cause different exhaust pressure? 

Can the dipstick guide tube be installed without removing the intake manifold?

I’m replacing the oil filler tube and also pulled the dipstick guide tube to replace the o ring seal. The tube will not reinstall as it is blocked by the intake manifold.  Can the oil dipstick guide tube be installed without removing the intake manifold?




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