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Engine barely runs, extremely rough idle and will not rev.

I recently returned from a 2000+ mile trip to PA and back during which the car ran flawlessly. On my return, I took it out for a brief time to do a little driving instruction with my grandson which we enjoyed together. He is a very careful learner and did nothing while driving that would have been any different than my own driving habits. I took over driving after about 20 minutes to return home and the car suddenly lost power and would only barely idle with occasional spurts of smooth rev spikes. I cannot find any obvious intake vac leaks. I had repaced the AOS before leaving on the trip.

2004 Boxster s lifter ticking when engine is hot

Boxster S has a loud lifter ticking noise on the driver's side when the engine is hot. It is quiet when cold.

87 vs 93 octane

Ok so I’m an idiot.  With that out of the way now for the excuses.  I pulled up to the fuel pump today and was distracted by a deep conversation with my wife as to what to have for dinner and that along with the fact that my Boxster looks identical to my Ford Ranger daily driver I filled the tank with regular gas.  The internet sites say it is ok just drive the tank out and next time don’t be an idiot.  Others say that is probably true but not necessarily.  Octane booster, drain the tank etc.?  Help!!!

Single or double row IMS bearing on 2005 Boxster S?

I've heard that 2005 Boxster S's can either the single or double row IMS bearing.  Can I determine which one by looking at my VIN?

IMS video #4

In ims video number 4, the caption says that 1995 through 1998 Boxters do not sure ffer from significant failure rates, however the gentleman speaking in the video says it is 1995 through mid-year 2000. Which is it?  Thank you.



Whiring noise

Once in a while, when car is started, a whiring noise, like a fan, can be heard coming from behind me. Sounds like it is behind passenger seat. Stops after a while. What is it? Thanks-Andrew

High Pressure smoke test shows smoke coming out #1 cylinder.

Mass Flow sensor was relaced and the check engine light was reset but came on after approximately 60 miles.   After this a high pressure smoke test showed smoke coming out the #1 cylinder.  I was told it was the spark pulg seal and this problem could cause the check engine light to come on.  The idea is that if smoke is coming out, when the motor is running air was being drawn in changing the air fuel mixture.  

Another mechais said that this didn't matter.


car will not start devery time

The car doesn't start every time I try.  It will start and restart several times during the day and then it will not start.  There isn't a Porsche repair shop in Key West, A local mechanic has checked the obvious things such as fuel, spark, and air supply and all seem OK.  Are there any switches, relays, etc that I can direct him to check out?  Thanks for your help.  John Hudson

Mixing ethylene-glycol with Porsche OAT coolant.

I inadvertantly topped off my 981 Boxster S with about 2 quarts of ethylene-glycol coolant.  I know that coolant types are not to be mixed but haven't found any information related to how much ethylene-glycol mixed in with OAT coolant is problematic.  The cooling system has 4-5 gallons of coolant so at most it is now 10% ethylene glycol and 90% OAT.  The coolant still has a pink color and operating temperatures are the same as they've always been.  I've talked with the service folks at my local Porsche dealer and it's a fairly expensive job to flush and refill the cooling system - so I'd ra


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