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Reading ECU History

Is there any shareware that allows simple reading (not flashing) of the ECU for over rev history? Have a few compatible OBD/usb cables looking to see if I can DIY. 

In your professional opinion

So my last question was about irregular idling and Pedro suggested it may be that the throdle body needs cleaning and I believe that is right on the money (thank you Pedro) and I plan to have this done, but my thoughts/ emotions are this. Since this car is 18 years young and was a "garage queen" with only the oil changes done I'm considering that maybe I should have the OAS replaced the same time (I'm not having issues with it) and maybe the serpentine belt due to the age. Then I think what else should I do while the shop has it, replace the water pump. MAF the list could go on.

RPM drop when idleing

I purchased my Boxster September of this year from the original owner. He kept it garaged and well maintained. The car runs great and I have been using it to drive back and forth to work (60 miles RT - back roads) as well as weekend pleasure drives. Recently, at a stop light, the engine idle will drop as if to stall. This only happens for a second or two then it recovers. It never stalled. Also this has only happened 2 or 3 times, there is no pattern, rhyme or reason for it to happen. Otherwise the car runs great without any issues. Is this something that I should take to the shop?

IMS Thrust Roller Bearing

Has anyone used or knows anything about the Thrust Roller Bearing for a fix to IMS issue.


Boxster CEL odb code P1411


New to me first time porsche boxster owner here. This morning my 2000 boxster gave me a CEL light, the scan at autozone came back P1411, any information regarding this code and it's repair would be appreciated.



High pitch whistle. Update - AOS??

I think I know what’s going to be diagnosed here, but I’ll ask anyway. 

Symptoms - high pitched noise that starts once the engine is warms / it does go away in time / it also goes silent when the oils cap is removed.  After the engine is run for a while and is hotter, the rpm will cycle.  And I do have th occasional white smoke.  So I figure AOS but want some other thought  




Alternative IMS Solution for 2006 911 Carrera S & Boxster

As the owner of two 2006 Porsches (911 Carrera S & Boxster), I am familar with the IMS Bearing issue and have researched possible solutions for my cars. Unfortunately, the replacement / retrofit solutions for the 2006 to 2008 engines all seem to require “cracking” open the block in order to access the IMS Bearing. 

Boxster S center radiator?

My 2001 Boxster S had a center radiator, so I always assumed that my present 2008 Boxster S has one also.  But, yesterday must have been the first time I looked closely at the center air intake.  There is a solid plastic blanking cover behind the "intake".  Is this normal?  Am I missing something?  

Oil level indicator stopped working properly

I had my car in to the dealer for an oil change several weeks ago and have driven it probably less than 100 miles since.  When I left the dealership, the bars on the oil level indicator were at the top of the arrow.  


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