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Should I be concerned about the IMS bearing?

VIN WP0CB29825S730693   Mobil 1 oil change once a year or every 10k miles. Runs excellent, no engine noises.  Unknown maintenance for the first 50k miles.

Spark Plugs & AOS

Tow questions.

At what mileage should I worry about changing the spark plugs?

I am noticing a bit of white smoke on morning start up. Should I be concerned about replacing the AOS immediatley? Thanks for your help.

Can I replace one catalytic converter vs both. 08 Boxster

I had some damage to the passenger side catalytic converter and the insurance company will only replace the one side.  Do I need to worry about anything by only replacing one side?  Don't these  capture contaminants that reduce airflow so by only replacing one side wil that l cause different exhaust pressure? 

Can the dipstick guide tube be installed without removing the intake manifold?

I’m replacing the oil filler tube and also pulled the dipstick guide tube to replace the o ring seal. The tube will not reinstall as it is blocked by the intake manifold.  Can the oil dipstick guide tube be installed without removing the intake manifold?



How worried should I be about engine failure.....shaft brg?

How worried should I be about engine failure?   Intermediant shaft bearing failure??

86000 Miles........oil filter cut open every oil change to check for metal...............

None found...................................


1998 Boxster 2.5 to 2001 2.7 Engine Swap Upgrade

Hi Members, 

I'd appreciate as much feedback from experts in the process and the steps required to swap in a 2001 Boxster 2.7L engine in my 98 Boxster 2.5L (58K, Tiptronic Automatic.) I selected this 01 2.7 engine (see image below) to HOPEFULLY make this swap easy for the shop.   I purchased a 01 Boxster engine 2.7L from a manual donor veh,.  The motor was delivered.  The shop will begin the engine swap process Tuesday. 

When was my 2000 boxster engine built

It's not the original engine in the the car. Can you tell me when it was manufactured?

Engine type code: m96/22
Serial number: 65y05746

Reading ECU History

Is there any shareware that allows simple reading (not flashing) of the ECU for over rev history? Have a few compatible OBD/usb cables looking to see if I can DIY. 

In your professional opinion

So my last question was about irregular idling and Pedro suggested it may be that the throdle body needs cleaning and I believe that is right on the money (thank you Pedro) and I plan to have this done, but my thoughts/ emotions are this. Since this car is 18 years young and was a "garage queen" with only the oil changes done I'm considering that maybe I should have the OAS replaced the same time (I'm not having issues with it) and maybe the serpentine belt due to the age. Then I think what else should I do while the shop has it, replace the water pump. MAF the list could go on.


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